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Running SAP on Google Cloud Platform

Leverage the power of Google Cloud on top of your SAP workloads. Innovate & stay secure in the Cloud with trusted SAP partner Google Cloud & Devoteam G Cloud.

Customer Story

“We basically benchmarked all three companies: Amazon, Azure and finally also Google. We are convinced that in terms of flexibility, for example in virtual machine sizes, Google is superior over the two other solutions.”

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Dirk Dussart

IT Architect Manager, Multipharma

Benefits of SAP on Google Cloud

Want to get the best out of your SAP solutions in the Cloud? This is why we and our customers believe your business will benefit most of running your SAP workloads on Google Cloud Platform, compared to other Cloud providers.


Get all the flexibility your business needs, scaling with ease thanks to the flexible services and pricing models.

Cost optimisation

Only pay for what you use, and scale as your business grows. Plus get visibility on your spend and easily optimise costs.

Access to innovation

Integrate your SAP data with powerful, innovative technologies by Google. Access cutting edge machine learning and analytics solutions to elevate your customer experience and get advanced business insights.

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Your SAP data stays secure at all times in the strongly secured Google Cloud. With security and encryption at all levels, your data is probably nowhere safer than on Google Cloud Platform.

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On-Demand Google Cloud Webinar Watch On-Demand Sessions full of insights Reimagine your business with SAP on Google Cloud

Discover how you can gain maximum ROI out of your SAP move to the Cloud, with Google Cloud. Hear from customer Multipharma how and why they moved their SAP/HANA workloads to Google Cloud. Join this webinar to learn more.

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SAP & Google Cloud Partner Services

Working with a Google Cloud premier partner like Devoteam G Cloud brings in the necessary expertise for a smooth migration and optimisation of running your SAP workloads on Google Cloud Platform.

Whitepapers SAP on Google Cloud

Certified Infrastructure

Google Cloud is certified and the best choice to run these SAP solutions:

  • SAP S/4HANA.
  • SAP Hybris.
  • SAP Business Suite.
  • SAP BusinessObjects BI.
  • SAP Business One.
  • SAP Business Warehouse.

SAP & Google Cloud Partnership

Since the announcement of the strategic partnership between Google Cloud and SAP in 2017, a lot has happened. Google continuously invests in getting certified for different SAP enterprise applications on GCP. Plus in developing new innovative applications and integrations closely together with the SAP engineering team.


You can seamlessly integrate your SAP data with Google Workspace. Collaborate on your data in real-time and get extra insights by exporting your SAP data to Google Sheets.

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Best Practices for SAP Deployments in GCP

Check out this video for more information on reference architectures and best practices for implementing SAP systems on Google Cloud Platform.

“We really see now how Google is putting the new technology and innovations in the market, which brings a lot of flexibility and innovation to our customers. They can really tap into the innovation once they bring their SAP workloads into Google Cloud. We’re thrilled to see this going forward.”

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