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Get a social intranet for your business.

Happeo is the social intranet that lets you bring the value of everything you need to collaborate and communicate together on one platform. A boosted sense of context, unity for employees, and a platform for teams to cooperate more efficiently, are just some of the key benefits of Happeo.

Channels, Pages, People

Google enhances collaboration and communication in any organisation, and Happeo takes it one step further. With Channels, Pages, and People, you have all of your company’s important information, documents, news, and employees neatly organised in one place.

Made For Google Workspace

Happeo is more than just a Google Workspace compatible platform. The two used together, forge a new standard – a complete digital workplace, overflowing with collaboration possibilities.

Happeo lets you:

Create individual workspaces

for your teams to consolidate information on projects.

Gather and showcase employee information

making it easy to spread and find corporate announcements, HR and marketing material.

Improve social flows

of information that can be shared securely with specific teams or groups.

Interested in improving your internal communications with Happeo?