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Google Cloud Accelerators

Using Google Cloud? Accelerate your time to market as from now.
Yes! You can finally set up your cloud infrastructure, data warehouse, AI models and launch them to the market in no time. Just use the Devoteam Google Cloud Accelerators.

Why Cloud accelerators? 

Here’s how & why we invest in their development. 

Built with market pain points in mind

Our sales and engineers always heard customers talking about the same issues. Instead of invoicing you the same 100 set-up days over and over, we’ve built accelerators. They make our lives easier, and yours cheaper and faster. 

Accelerators as a Service 

With new features arriving on Google Cloud every month, our accelerators are built with upgrades in mind. Our experience in the field also lets us understand what are the important trends in the different industries and prioritise implementation accordingly.

Accelerators for every aspect of cloud 

Google Cloud provides the building blocks, and Devoteam provides the combination and expertise to get you running as quickly as possible. Our accelerators help you execute your use cases in a productive and secure way avoiding mistakes and misconfiguration.

Accelerate deployment and reach the target end state faster

Accelerators are built by innovators in GCloud to accelerate deployment and reach a target end state faster and more accurately. 

We develop each of our accelerators as a product. They are continuously further developed by a team of product owners, engineers and other Devoteam experts.

It’s pieces of code, script and … that automatically work for you. This saves us time.

Key benefits of Cloud Accelerators

Up to65% more cost efficient
4times faster project completion
30% less bugs created

Ready to take a leap forward? All our Google Cloud Accelerators

The Cloud Foundations help you build strong and consistent fundamentals to make any Google Cloud deployment a success.

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Flycs is designed to get rid of repeating tasks and processes when setting up your datawarehouse. Focus on getting data insights!

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Easily build production ready machine learning models or pick one from a library of pre-trained models

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With Cloud FinOps Accelerator, Devoteam G Cloud helps its clients to design, run and scale their Cloud environment with a focus on budgeting, cost optimization, forecasting and right-sized architecture and design.

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Say goodbye to the email signature that remains the same for an entire year. Update your employees’ signature automatically with GSign for Google Workspace

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GKE Foundation helps you accelerate the adoption of the most advanced container orchestration tool focusing on networking, security, cost optimisation and automation for an overall better day-2 operations experience.

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The Data Center Exit accelerator helps you get started on your journey to the cloud faster by providing a standardized estimation, analysis and plan for migrating your data center to Google Cloud

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100% transparency and control with Devoteam’s MSP Command Center

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With Anthos Start, Devoteam G Cloud helps its clients to evaluate, run and scale their Anthos environment with a focus on governance, security, networking, operations and billing topics.

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Using the Cloud Foundation Toolkit scorecard, our security team will execute a security scan of the current Google Cloud environment, produce a list of recommendations and walk you through the action items to harden security.

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A structured approach tailored to your company will help you with the people’s side of change in data & analytics projects

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Devoteam G Cloud Data Foundations Accelerator empowers you to create a seamless end-to-end data environment, unleashing the true potential of your organisation’s data assets.

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Why Google Cloud?

Get more out of Google Cloud

We strongly believe Google Cloud is the right platform for you to modernise your organisation for today’s digital world & to keep it future-proof. Explore the full potential of your ideas and leave the details of your IT infrastructure, platform reliability, and performance to our Google Cloud experts at Devoteam G Cloud. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Devoteam G Cloud Accelerators are a combination of custom developed applications, best practices and change management developed through experience by G Clouders to solve a set of business use cases frequently asked for by customers. These are predefined and honed through active usage by customers, as well as refined through feedback.

You can use the Devoteam G Cloud Accelerators to tackle different topics which we have become known for, such as hardening your Google Cloud landing zone and Kubernetes environment, deploying FinOps at your organisation to manage costs or deploy a solid data foundation through Flycs.

You can decrease your time-to-market for different use cases on Google Cloud. The benefit varies depending on the product, but here are some examples: 

  • With Flycs you can build a data warehouse which has strongly opinionated rules on data security and auditing, as well as being able to scale that up on Google Cloud.. 
  • With FinOps you can deploy customised budgets and real-time alerting which are aligned to the practice, as well as receive training for the different personas to track and adjust cloud usage.

SMEs to Corporates to Enterprises, if there is a need to accelerate a business use case in a secure and battle-tested manner, they would use an accelerator.

We have dedicated teams of experts working on these accelerators. These experts bring experience from the field and understand what works in real-life customer usage.

Pricing models vary per accelerator depending on the product they are built for. Check all the products to see more or contact our sales. 

Want to talk about your own project with us?

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Mark de Winne

Google Cloud Bussines Devoloper at Devoteam G Cloud Spain