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Automation of infrastructure with Terraform  

This course provides a first view of what infrastructure as code is. The training is based on Terraform, the market-leading tool for automating the deployment of an infrastructure. 

Through several hands-on exercises, participants will learn how to handle the most useful Terraform commands and the descriptive language used by this tool. Once comfortable with the basics, participants will be able to discover more advanced concepts to better manage different environments with Terragrunt and also more advanced HCL features.

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Format: Face-to-face or distance learning
  • Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of GCP resources.
  • Audience: Cloud architects, cloud engineers, SysOps/DevOps administrators and engineers
  • Price: Please contact us
  • More information in our training catalogue

The course in detail


What is ‘infrastructure as code’?

  • Learn about the uses of infrastructure as code.
  • Get an introduction to the Terraform tool.


Fundamentals of Terraform

  • Explore the HCL language used by Terraform and the essential Terraform commands.
  • Practical workshops:
  • Deploy GCP resources from Terraform.
  • Use variables in Terraform files.
  • Delete resources with Terraform.
  • Format your Terraform code.
  • Interact with the tfstate file to debug.
  • Import existing resources.


Terraform resource status

  • Learn how Terraform manages the status of deployed resources.
  • Learn how to share the status of resources within a team.
  • Practical: Configure the Terraform backend.


Advanced Terraform concepts

  • Use data sources.
  • Use modules to reuse resource sets.
  • Practical: Create a module.
  • Learn about advanced HCL syntax.
  • Practical: Use expressions for_each.


Factorise with Terragrunt

  • Factorise the arguments.
  • Factorise the backend configuration.
  • Deploy multiple modules at once.
  • Manage environments with Terragrunt.


Terraform best practices

  • Learn more about file architecture and management of environments


Use GitLab CI/CD

  • Get an introduction to the GitLab CI/CD tool.
  • Discover the steps to deploying a GitLab runner on GCP.

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