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Increase Operational Efficiency, Reduce Manual Effort & Accelerate Business Innovation.

Explore how Doc AI gives you a 2.5x higher "straight through" (no human reviews) rate than other OCR/ templates & a 60% lower TCO.

Are you handling a high volume of documents manually? Sitting on a pile of invoices, documents, quality reports, emails, contracts and/or mortgages?

Processing the information from these documents into other systems is often still a manual, time-consuming, and tedious job. This comes with a huge financial cost.

What if there is a better alternative? How can you solve the hassle of accessing your content from one database? Document AI is your solution!

Document AI turns unstructured data into structured data through state of the art technology.

It makes your data easier to understand, analyse, and consume by providing structure.

Why choose Document AI?

  • Automate and validate your company’s data to make the workflows more efficient, reduce guesswork, and keep data accurate and compliant.
  • Unlock insights and make faster decisions by making your data available to your users and applications. Improve operational efficiency by extracting structured data from unstructured documents.
  • Rely on Google’s security model and world-scale infrastructure.

Use Document AI to transform documents into structured data. This increases the speed of decision-making and unlocks business value.

Approach documents like people do

Google Cloud’s Vision OCR (optical character recognition)

Detects and extracts text from images. Form parser technology uses deep-learning neural network algorithms to perform text, character, and image recognition in over 200 languages.

Understand documents with Google Cloud’s

Natural Language that uses the same deep machine learning technology that powers Google Search and Assistant. It enables you to derive valuable insights from your unstructured documents.

Use Cases & Document Types

Invoice Processing

Use Case

Automate invoice capture at scale to improve operational efficiency, service levels, and decision-making.

Document Type

  • Invoice statement.
  • Credit statement.
  • Debit statement.
  • Utility statement.

Expense processing

Use Case

Scale your expense processing and auditing by extracting structured data from receipts

Document Type

  • Restaurant statement.
  • Hotel statement.
  • Car rental statement.
  • Air travel statement.
  • Others.

Lockbox payments

Use Case

Drive efficiency in lockbox services by automating processing of invoices, checks, payment coupons.

Document Type

  • Invoice statement.
  • Check.
  • Payment coupons.
  • Envelope.
  • Bank remittance statement.

Supply chain digital twin

Use Case

Create “digital twin” of your physical supply by combining structured and unstructured supply chain and trade finance data

Document Type

  • Order.
  • Commercial invoice.
  • Bill of lading.
  • Air waybill.
  • Delivery note.
  • Others.


Increase Operational Efficiency with Document AI

Reduce Manual Effort, Unlock Insights & Accelerate Business Innovation


  • Turan Bulmus
    AI/ML Practice Lead Benelux at Google.


  • Tristan Van Thielen
    Head of Machine Learning at Devoteam G Cloud Benelux.



  • Challenges that Financial companies are facing.
  • How can you solve these challenges with Document AI?
  • Explore AI capabilities & how they help process documents.
  • Document AI Demo.
  • Q&A.
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Why work with Devoteam G Cloud as a partner?

  • Benefit from our standardised approach to evaluate your environment and discover what the impact of Document AI is going to be within your business.
  • Work with a team of experts that has worked closely with the Google Cloud product team and knows all the capabilities of Document AI.
  • Devoteam G Cloud already implemented Document AI with customers that handle over 300 million documents a year. We know how to implement the solution in a scalable way.

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