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Get more out of Google Cloud

Explore the full potential of your ideas and leave the details of your IT infrastructure, platform reliability, and performance to our Google Cloud experts at Devoteam G Cloud.

We will help you to plan better and to monitor & optimise your IT costs with the right Cloud solutions.

Count on our customer success services to get the most out of Google Cloud for your organisation.

Our team of certified Google Cloud specialists will guide you through every step of the process and manage your project to ensure you have the right solutions implemented to get the best results.

  • Our Cloud Architects and Solution Engineers help you uncover more answers faster with the secure, global and cost-efficient Google Cloud Platform.
  • Our team of Data Engineers, Data Scientists, and BI Specialists help you leverage the power of its big data and smart analytics to benefit from the full value of your data.
  • And our Application Developers help you build your applications from the ground up, natively and safely in the Cloud.

What’s the difference between making use of Google Cloud Platform with or without Devoteam G Cloud?

Our customer success services are the key to your Cloud success!

Devoteam G Cloud’s goal is to help our customers to adopt, manage & enhance their Cloud experience to the fullest.

Our customer success offering is designed to help you get the most out of your Cloud solution. These customer success services depend on your type of organisation and Cloud usage. Services can consist of proactive communication and timely business reviews, as well as second-line support, advice and consultancy.

Devoteam G Cloud has flexible Customer Success offerings for its Google Cloud customers – suitable for businesses of different sizes. These services aim to maximise your organisation’s investment in GCP as well as to provide long-term support to your development team.

Together, we’ll get the most out of your Cloud investment!


We offer the full range of the latest Google Cloud Platform services so that you can maximise the scope of your business objectives. Reserve a customer-specific workshop with us where you discover and explore the best way GCP can benefit you. You’ll learn about the possibilities of Machine Learning & Data Analytics, Cloud JumpStart and Infrastructure.


Our goal in developing a proof of concept for your company is to ensure multi-cloud strategy consistency. As part of a PoC, we offer to coordinate VPC’s and on-premise environments for smooth integration and uninterrupted workflows. We’ll design custom GCP solutions that are robust, secure, scalable with high availability and dynamic to drive your business objectives.


We will define your application requirements and ensure the architecture is specific to your business. Upon building the proof of concept, we will validate the results with you to verify that an accurate solution is being built.


  • We deploy Google Cloud solutions with deep concentration on security and compliance policies.
  • We manage the operations: define SLAs and KPIs to provide the most efficient service.
  • We review and provide demo results, which we then test to guarantee everything runs smoothly.
  • In the event of any new requirements, we make the necessary architecture adjustments.


You can count on us! We aim to deliver the best possible support experience for users. We continuously update our support operating model, provide our customers with full documentation, deliver training and support from the very beginning of your Cloud journey.

The end goal is not to keep support hours at a minimum, but to provide the best non-disruptive service for the end-users.

Talk to us. Interested in our Google Cloud services?
Our experts are happy to help!

Google Cloud Services are a set of Internet-based solutions designed to help organizations power their digital transformation. The Google Cloud Platform Services are part of the Google Cloud offering and provide a dependable storage solution capable of handling significant data needs, such as web-based application hosting and server backups.

Thanks to managed services, developers can dedicate more time to problem solving and innovation. Using the same infrastructure Google utilizes internally, GCP relies on the OAuth protocol to increase its security and supports advanced functionalities, including REST API commands and app integration.

A serious contender to Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS, Google Cloud boasts unique features and a familiar user experience. It combines all the benefits of a top-of-the-line cloud provider: flexibility, scalability, cost efficiency and speed with the reliability of public cloud computing.

The main service Google Cloud is noted for is the Google Cloud Platform itself, which hosts web-based applications under a public cloud infrastructure. For identity management, collaboration tools and communication, professionals can use Google Apps and Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite. APIs provide software-to-software communication and are used for enterprise mapping services and machine learning. And thanks to enterprise versions of Chrome OS and Android, users can connect to web-based applications seamlessly.

The list of Google Cloud Services includes advanced offerings as well. For instance, its renowned object storage system, Google Cloud Storage, can hold anything from raw video streams, to organized databases, to matrices for machine learning models. The Google Compute Engine, whose role is to host virtual machines, is also part of the Google Cloud Platform Services, as is Nearline, which leans on Google Cloud Storage to offer a backup and archival solution.

What makes Google Cloud Platform Services such a compelling option is that each service has a very clearly defined use case, helping businesses organize their operations so they can be fully managed on the cloud.

Infinitely customizable, Google Cloud ensures that you can get the most of your data. With the right Cloud Architects and Solution Engineers at your side, you can build secure cloud native applications.

From cloud computing and hosting to networking and storage, all the way to Big Data and machine learning, Google Cloud offers an array of integrated, inherently compatible solutions.

At Devoteam G Cloud, we endeavor to bring you the Cloud experience that will transform your business.

We have built our expertise around customer success, creating customized Google Cloud solutions to match our clients’ unique needs. Thanks to a flexible offering, we can scale our services to suit the size of your business and maximize your investment in Google Cloud Platform Services.

In addition to the development and deployment of your Google Cloud solution, we can support you every step of the way and even train your team to get your employees up to speed. Our workshops are available online or as in-person classes.