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Set the pace. Move together. Go big!

At Devoteam G Cloud there are infinite possibilities to move as a team – improve as an individual. The question is: are you ready for the movement?

Infinite possibilities to do Googley things & grow your career

A culture of collaboration rules our workfloor. No question is too much to ask or too big to solve. We act together as one team.

You’ll have access to infinite learning possibilities, certification opportunities and some serious “teambonding”.

We are driven by learning and growing, and love to challenge ourselves and each other. 

Can we challenge you?

Set the pace

There’s no point beating around the bush: working with the newest Google technology is pretty damn cool. Driven by the brightest tech, we are constantly learning new things.

Bold claim? We put the G in G Cloud! Our experts get to leverage the latest Cloud tech , find out how it works in various ways, and innovate different applications in different environments. Ever heard about Document AI? We built that, together with Google.

And that’s why we attract people who never stop learning.


Move Together

Creating the most suitable work atmosphere for our G Clouders definitely pays off: you will enter an open and cheerful environment. Every G Clouder feels free and comfortable to take responsibility and start new projects, ask questions, and questions, and questions to get to the bottom of things.

Here, we want you to succeed. Your colleagues are more than just colleagues, they are your peers who cheer for you and watch you grow.

And that’s why we attract people who help each other infinitely.

Go Big

Providing the newest technology and creating infinite  learning opportunities is the perfect soil for our G Clouders to flourish and thrive. Our life motto? You never know everything. That’s what keeps us humble and on our toes. It also explains our ‘certificate madness’..

G Clouders are driven by learning and growing. We love to challenge ourselves and each other. Growth is an integral part of our company culture. Your ambition is rewarded, regardless of age or seniority.  We never back down from a challenge. We push until we get results that live up to our standards.

And that’s why we attract people who go the extra mile.

#1 International Career Opportunities
#2 Lifelong Learning
#3 Positive mindset
#4 We <3 pizza

Life at
Devoteam G Cloud

#1 International Career Opportunities

Devoteam G Clouders are one big team, divided over 17 countries. Different? Definitely! But with 1 shared goal. So say hello to international opportunities if you dig it!

Life at
Devoteam G Cloud

#2 Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning is key. Collaboration is held in very high regard and you can always count on the team to help when needed.

Life at
Devoteam G Cloud

#3 Positive mindset

Never underestimate the power of a positive attitude. At Devoteam G Cloud we’re young spirits and we all have a ‘can do’-mentality.

Life at
Devoteam G Cloud

#4 We <3 pizza

The pizzas we share are not just cheesy slices, they are wholesome moments we enjoy together as a group outside our everyday projects.

The pizzas we share are not only cheesy slices. They are wholesome moments we enjoy together as a group, outside our everyday projects.

– Discover what’s life like at Devoteam G Cloud


  • Go big

    Take initiative, figure things out, make them big, be proactive, get to the bottom, get it done, have an impact.

  • Celebrate small victories

    We’re happy for our colleagues when they achieve big AND small victories! Hit the gong, applaud for them or just let them know they’re doing great on Google Chat.

  • Go for excellence

    Always challenge the status quo, always challenge yourself. We are thé experts in our field, and want to prove so everyday. Never settle for anything less than the extraordinary.

  • Be good

    For sure we are colleagues, but it can be so much more. Devoteam G Cloud is a place for growing, learning, laughing, hanging out with your peers…. No matter your role, we are in this together.

Part of the Devoteam Group

Devoteam G Cloud is part of the Devoteam Group where 9.000 tech and business leaders work with the technology out there. Do we, at Devoteam G Cloud, have our own twist? Oh yes, we definitely do! But our values and beliefs have grown from the solid basis of Devoteam.

Together with all Devoteamers we aspire to uphold 5 key values that are the essence of our business. We live by these values and embrace them in everything we do:

  • Frankness
  • Respect
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Collaboration
  • Ambition

Discover our Devoteam G Clouders’ stories

Collaborating with a talented team from all over the world is a real privilege. I learn something from every person I meet. This collaboration is what really makes my job fun.

Tristan Van Thielen Machine Learning Tribe Lead at Devoteam G Cloud

What I love the most about my job is my relationships with my colleagues

Kevin Wabo G Cloud Engineer

It’s pretty amazing and I feel lucky to have this opportunity to be here watching the digital transformation happening in the front seat. My job keeps me on my toes constantly and it challenges me to learn new things

Ines Valadas Business Developer at Devoteam G Cloud

Curious to find out what career opportunities we have for you?