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Managed Services: Let The Experts Manage Your IT Needs

Our Managed Services team delivers, oversees, and anticipates the full range of your IT outsourcing needs. Beyond projects and one-off deliverables, we strive to build long-term relationships with our clients centred around continuous and sustained excellence.


Our Collaboration Engineers can help augment your IT team to make sure they are productive and focused on IT strategy, not IT operations.

Certified in a variety of SaaS applications, we can extend your IT support team, audit your support processes, and train your end-users.


Focus on the core objectives of your business while we ensure all your operating systems, storage, and cloud infrastructure effectively serve their purpose throughout their life cycles.

Whether it’s High Availability, Disaster Recovery, or maintenance, our certified Infrastructure Architects and Solution Engineers can help you manage and secure your cloud environments for the long-run.

You can trust us to keep your systems up to date and secure while delivering round the clock end-user support.


Equipping every employee in your workforce with a digital identity is only the tip of the iceberg. Governing user access across your enterprise means authorised access for the right people to the right assets and data at the right time.

Making sure your services and systems are securely accessed using API access management & best of breed server access management are risks you don’t want to have. We can help orchestrate and advise on the best ways to secure all these different planes within your organisation.
We’ll help defend your organisation’s data and IT systems from unauthorised access by minimising risk and safeguarding your IT ecosystem.

From efficient provisioning to de-provisioning and all the measures in between, we’ll secure the end-user access experience with multi-factor authentication and SSO features for consistent management of your user lifecycles.

100% transparency and control with Devoteam’s MSP Command Center

With so many possibilities and use cases that the Google Cloud can bring comes the need for a better control to optimise the costs of Cloud usage. We know that an effectively managed environment can not only help in decreasing the operational costs, but also accelerate on core projects and increase their ROI. That’s why our experts created the Managed Service Provider Command Center – a place where our customers access a fully transparent and customised image of their cloud usage and cost assignment.


Keep track of product usage and billing of specific GCP products.

● Forecasted Cost allows the client to estimate future billing cycles based on current usage and adjust accordingly.
● Adjust the dashboard to show weekly, monthly and customised billing cycles.
● Arrange visuals by product, projects and date range.

System Health

Explore, analyse and get alerts on your GCP system health metrics through clear real-time visualisations.


Filter your GCP Inventory by Asset type and name, and receive clear overviews of Google recommended actions to maintain optimal usage and system health.

Support Request

Submit support requests based on Inventory recommendations. View the status and priority level of requests. Clients can rate their satisfaction with responses to support tickets. Assign P1 to P4 priorities, with a 98% SLA compliance. These features allow the MSP team to have clear insight into customer cases and treat each case with attention and focus as if it were their own business. The command center provides a platform for the MSP team and clients to take on a predictive approach vs a reactive one. A single pane of communication, control and information allows the MSP team and client to work in unison.


A certified Google Cloud expert will be entirely dedicated to your project.

  • FAQ, forum, documentation.
  • Chat, email, telephone, chatbot.
  • Ticketing & reporting.
  • Support on levels L1, L2, L3.


A monitoring solution allows you to reassure the continuity of your applications services.

  • Application Performance Management.
  • Middleware.
  • Infrastructure.


Our team accompanies you in the control and optimisation of your costs.

  • Invoicing & allocation of costs.
  • Dashboards & reporting.
  • Consumption Management.
  • Promotion Management.
  • Cost Optimisation.


Our team offers consulting services during the entire project: from automatisation, refactoring, adjustments to the Cloud and training

  • Optimisation.
  • Training (GCP Training, adjusting to the Cloud)
  • Automatisation.

Explore the capabilities of MSP Command Center from Devoteam

and take full control of your cloud projects and costs!

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Managed Services Providers are there to help you get the most out of the Google Cloud Platform. They can assist you with one-off needs such as cloud migration or disaster recovery, or support you with your day-to-day operation of workloads. Google Cloud Managed Services Providers offer a wide range of project-based and ongoing managed services that can help you reduce your time to market as well as your costs. Managed Services for Google Cloud include support with:

  •       Data security
  •       Billing
  •       Cloud management
  •       IaaS and PaaS management
  •       Monitoring & alerting
  •       Auditing
  •       Cloud migration
  •       Inventory
  •       System health and self-healing
  •       Workflow management
  •       Infra-administration
  •       Reporting
  •       Requests based on recommendations
  •       And more…

Managed Service Providers are certified by Google as possessing extensive skills and knowledge of the Google Cloud Platform. Their capabilities are verified through a formal third party, so you can be certain that they will be able to help you streamline your entire Cloud experience.

Thanks to Managed Services, Google Cloud users can enjoy improved security, better flexibility and scalability, and gain access to in-depth industry expertise all while benefiting from a suitable billing solution. What makes Managed Service Providers stand out is their high availability for their clients and their ability to bridge any talent gap you may be facing.

Google is a Cloud Service Provider. It provides on-demand services to cater to your business’s cloud computing needs through its own public cloud infrastructure.

Managed Service Providers, on the other hand, help businesses get the most out of what a Cloud Service Provider (in this case Google) has to offer. Some enterprises lack the ability to convert their activities to a cloud environment without jeopardizing security and governance. Certified Google Cloud Managed Service Providers can make sure your migration to the cloud is completed without a hitch.

When building an application in the Cloud, developers have two options to choose from: a serverless service, or a managed service.

For those who don’t require visibility into the machines being used to run their applications and who are unlikely to want to manage or scale their servers, a serverless service is the way to go.

If you need visibility and control over the machines that run your applications, the ability to scale and manage HA (High Availability) and DR (Disaster Recovery), and a way to handle the underlying resources yourself, then a managed service will be preferable.

And for a fine-tuned solution even if you don’t possess the know-how, your Managed Services on Google Cloud can be handed over to a provider.

Devoteam G Cloud offers Managed Services for Google Cloud and can address all your IT outsourcing needs with 100% transparency.

We help you devise, implement, and manage your ideal Cloud solution to make sure your digital transformation truly fully benefits your company.