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Chatbots, Voice Bots & Contact Center Solutions

Creating chatbots and voice bots that interact with customers and employees 24/7, has never been so easy.

Discover the different challenges that a lot of companies have nowadays. Do you recognise yourself too? Do you also struggle with these pain points in your business?

Difficulties to route incoming calls into the correct agents for the customer support lines.

You burn too many resources in backend support & need more organisational efficiency.

You get an enormous amount of queries from your customers. You need to take the load off your support team.

You need a way to help your customers to select the right product.

You search for a tool to gather all company information of your company.

You promote content through online channels & you look for an interactive marketing platform.

The evolution of artificial intelligence is now in full swing. Chatbots, voice bots & contact centers are part of this huge wave of progress.   Benefits of working with chatbots, voice bots & contact centers

Save time and efforts by automating customer support.

Give responses to customers’ inquiries so you will improve the customer service.

Collect information about users, organise meetings and reduce overhead costs.

Streamline the purchase process.

Personalise communication.

Automate repetitive tasks. Save time and reduce your employees’ workload.

Offer your customers & employees immediate, personalised & accessible services

Customer experience


A chat interface allows chatbots to converse with users. The chatbot understands written text, and interprets immediately its meaning. It will then look up relevant information and deliver it to the user.

Invest in building a chatbot for your business and be at the forefront of innovation!

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Use cases for chatbots

  • Sales & conversion.
  • Lead generation & awareness.
  • Customer support.




Customer experience

Voice Bots & Contact Center Solutions

Voice bots are powered by artificial intelligence. Callers don’t have to listen to menus and press corresponding numbers on their keypads. The voice interface helps in empowering a more intuitive and engaging experience.

→ Learn more about voice bots


Use cases for voice bots

  • Sales & conversion.
  • Lead generation & awareness.
  • Customer support.


Carrefour Belgium

Radio NRJ

Media Marketing

Employee experience

Enterprise Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are application programs that understand natural language voice commands to assist your employees in answering questions and completing tasks.
Imagine having that kind of power and utility in the workplace. It’s possible!


Use cases for Enterprise Virtual Assistant

  • Employee engagement.
  • Knowledge management.
  • Automating micro processes.


PwC Belgium.



How we can help you with our Services Transform your business with these personalised solutions

We create your chatbot with Google Cloud

Provide conversational experiences for your customers on WhatsApp, the web & Facebook by using the natural language processing power of Google’s Dialogflow, Contact Center AI, AutoML etc.

Scale easily on top of Google’s world-class infrastructure.

We create your voice bot

Build rich and natural conversations with Dialogflow, Google Assistant, Actions on Google, IVR solutions & Contact Center AI.

Want to get a head start with your voice bot project?

“The voice bot was a successful solution for Carrefour, because thanks to the joint effort with partner Fourcast, within just three weeks we were able to validate the customer’s interest. Without any promotion or marketing, the first interactions were clear: 600 talks within 10 days and 90% of the questions answered. Now, driven by the data, let’s improve virtual Sommelier Benoit and give everyone access to our three stars sommelier in all kitchens and smartphones”

See the customer story


Head of Digital & eCommerce, Carrefour Belgium

A Chatbot to boost the customer experience

A chatbot is the best option for those who don’t want their customers to:

  • Wait for the operator’s answer. “Stay on the line” is always annoying, isn’t it?
  • Search for an answer in the FAQ that has dozens of pages.


Personalise chatbots to boost your customer experience. Chatbots are considered the future of customer service and management.

We create your chatbot with Google Cloud solutions


Dialogflow is an end-to-end, build-once, and deploy-everywhere development suite for creating conversational interfaces. We use it to build interfaces such as chatbots, that enable natural and rich interactions between your users and your business.

Google Contact Center AI

Google Assistant & Actions on Google

Build on Google’s Scalable Infrastructure

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Benefits of a Voice Bot A Voice Bot for your organisation

Voice bots are voice-powered user interfaces that can understand natural language and use it to converse with people. They help your marketing department to generate leads or raise awareness, to generate sales and convert visitors of your website or app. Voice bots also help your customer support to achieve its central premise: solve customer’s problems as fast as possible.

Smooth experience

A voice bot goes beyond understanding words. A voice bot’s job is to determine what the customer wants and guide them to an effective response.

Data integration

You can easily integrate the bot with all the existing databases, systems and apps.

Scale up your operations

Your customer service can handle only 2 to 3 conversations at a time. But voice bots have a capability to operate without any upper limit.

24/7 availability

Apart from the speedy service, these bots are available 24/7.

Managing employee help desk

Voice bots help in creating virtual IT helpdesks.

Real-Time processing

The bot gives an instant response to the customer as soon as he stops speaking.


Dialogflow is a simple platform to build quick voice bots with minimum efforts. It can process natural language errors easily and can be integrated with multiple platforms.

Actions on Google

It lets you extend the functionality of the Google Assistant with Actions. Actions let users get things done through a conversational interface.


Interactive Voice Response is a technology which allows incoming callers to navigate a phone system before talking to a human operator. It will route callers to the most appropriate agent within your team.

Contact Center AI

Enable your virtual agent to converse naturally with customers and expertly assist human agents on complex cases.  The heart of Contact Center AI is its conversational core. The human-like interactions deliver exceptional customer service.

Simply contact us to start talking about how a chatbot, a contact center or a voice bot can benefit your business! Want some personalised help? We help companies like yours to build hyper-personalised customer experiences with big data, machine learning and AI.