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Data & Smart Analytics

Innovate with Data & Smart Analytics Get real-time, advanced business insights out of your data and become truly data-driven. Leverage Google Cloud's powerful, scalable & cost-effective data and analytics solutions. And unlock the latest AI & ML technologies with a trusted partner.

Neón en inglés que traducido significa "los datos tienen una mejor idea"
Neón en inglés que traducido significa "los datos tienen una mejor idea"

How to become a Data-driven organisation?

Becoming truly data-driven is a challenge for many companies who understand the importance of innovation with data & the impact it can have on their business. Yet, only a small portion of companies think they are already data-driven or have a data culture.


Pain Points in becoming data-driven

Talking with our customers, we identified several pain points that organisations struggle with.

Company Data is stuck in siloes.

No clear data strategy or vision.

Infrastructure is not scalable or flexible.

Tasks are repeated between departments.

Long time-to-insights.

Technical Inefficiencies.

No uniform approach to data.

Difficult to implement changes to processes.

Do you recognise these pain points?

Simplify your own data journey & overcome these challenges with Google Cloud smart data and analytics solutions!

Discover Google Cloud data & analytics solutions and partner Devoteam G Cloud services. Get more out of your organisation’s data

Reimagine your business to make the transition into a data-driven mindset. And importantly, drive business results.

Cloud-native Data Warehouse

Modernise your legacy data warehouse. Enable fast & informed business decisions with BigQuery— Google’s serverless, fully managed & highly scalable data warehouse with built-in machine learning.

Leverage Devoteam G Cloud’s data warehouse accelerator for Google Cloud to enhance security, consistency, data discovery & simplicity.

Advanced Data Insights & Business Intelligence

Properly ingest, merge & analyse your data and use it to discover patterns and insights.

Uncover paths to better customer experiences & new operational efficiencies.

Share Business Intelligence & insights with stakeholders easily with Google and/or third party BI-tools like Looker.

Data lake Modernisation

Securely ingest, store & analyse large volumes of diverse full-fidelity data in a data lake that makes any analysis on any type of data possible.

A modern data lake in Google Cloud is cost-efficient and agile. It supports massive volumes of structured and unstructured data out of which you can uncover valuable insights.

Powerful Predictive Insights

Empower data analysts to easily perform highly accurate predictive analytics.

Apply Machine Learning & advanced analytics at scale, even right in your Cloud-Native data warehouse in BigQuery.

Automated workflows, simple SQL & out-of-the-box Machine Learning models allow you to tap into powerful predictive insights.

Get instant insights with Streaming Analytics

Ingest, process & analyse millions of events – in real-time.

Streaming Analytics allow you to serve customers faster & run your business better without draining your budget nor changing your existing team.

Easy access to stream & batch processing. Pipeline portability for hybrid and multi-Cloud with Apache Beam.

Marketing Analytics & Personalising the Customer Experience

Accelerate time to insights and reduce Ads spend with your data & Cloud for Marketing solutions.

Integrate your marketing data to get more valuable insights, faster. And activate the data to personalise your customer experiences.

Get insights from documents with Document AI

Use Google’s cutting edge Machine Learning technology to access insights from your unstructured data in documents.

Make sure your data and business stay secure

  • Data security & governance across the entire data journey.
  • Data encryption in transit & at rest by default.
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Cloud Data Loss Prevention.
  • Data Catalog metadata management & data discovery.

Partner Devoteam G Cloud Services

Work with Google Cloud Premier partner Devoteam G Cloud to get the maximum out of your Data & Analytics projects. Our experts can help you to get a maximum ROI & set up a strategy to solve your business needs.

What I find a strong point of working with Devoteam G Cloud as an external partner is that you bring in the right people with the right competencies and expertise when needed. And you can shift gears very quickly whenever an issue arises. We see the Devoteam G Cloud team almost as an extension of our own internal IT department. This makes the partnership and the collaboration very easy.

Accelerate your insights & automate repeated processes

Get rid of repeating tasks and processes when setting up or modernising your data & analytics. Focus on what matters: getting the business insights from your data, as fast as possible. Explore the data & analytics framework that makes this & much more possible.

Why choose Google for Data & Analytics solutions?

Modernise your Analytics Cost-effectively

  • Lower your TCO up to 52%.
  • Use Google Cloud’s built-in Machine Learning capabilities.
  • Optimise your data strategy & get more out of your budget.

Data Security & Compliance

  • Protect your data with the multi-layered security measures & functionalities in all Google Cloud solutions and products.
  • Security-by-design.
  • Migrate without performance interruptions.

Top Notch AI & ML

  • Leverage Google’s industry-leading Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence technologies.
  • Make use of the best technologies out there when it comes to data & analytics.
  • Innovate with ML & AI to gain competitive advantage.

Focus on what matters with Cloud-native Serverless

  • Remove capacity planning cycles with serverless architectures.
  • Resources you need, when you need them.
  • Drastically reduce the overhead of infrastructure or system engineering needs.

Easy to use & to Scale

  • Fast time-to-insights from petabytes of data, thanks to elastic scaling in BigQuery that separates storage & compute.
  • Use your favourite BI tool (Looker, Tableau, Qlik, Google Sheets, …) or simple SQL for data analysis.

Open source Integration

  • Open architecture in Google Cloud.
  • Use open source tools (Apache Hadoop, Spark, …) to increase performance & lower costs.

Leverage G Cloud’s data & analytics expertise

Experts you can count on

Our team of certified experts is ready to help you with your data strategy and projects, from A to Z. We’ve helped many businesses like yours to successfully solve for their data & analytics needs. Any questions or doubts? You can always count on us as your trusted partner to get to the most optimal result & ROI.

Use the full power of technology to innovate & drive business results

We make sure you’re not missing out on any innovation, technology, solution or best practice that can help you to resolve your business needs.

Stay up to date with technology

Technology is changing rapidly, also in the data & analytics space. Work with us to make sure you’re using the latest best practices & make use of all the technology capabilities of Google Cloud. The latest & greatest of Google? Our team has got you covered.

Optimise for cost-efficiency and maximum ROI

Ensure you get a maximum ROI out of your data & analytics projects. Together we optimise your costs & resources so you’re always sure you’re working cost-efficient.

Scale your Data & Analytics

Easily scale your data and analytics with Google Cloud’s fully managed serverless analytics platform.

Don’t worry anymore about performance, scalability & availability of your IT infrastructure for data analysis – it’s all taken care of.

Focus instead on analysing giga- to petabytes of data in minutes, not months, with products like BigQuery.

Modernise your data warehouse

Build or migrate your data warehouse in Google Cloud to make informed business decisions more quickly & seamlessly scale your business.

Leverage Google’s BigQuery & Devoteam G Cloud’s data warehouse accelerator for faster, more scalable & cost-effective results.

  • Traditional data warehouses can’t handle the data growth & scalability that businesses need to get the most out of their data. To solve for a modern analytics strategy and accelerate time-to-value, you need a cloud-native modern data warehouse.
  • Modernise your legacy data warehouse with Google Cloud’s BigQuery: a serverless, fully managed & highly scalable data warehouse that leverages built-in, top notch Machine Learning technology by Google.
  • Receive expert guidance, examples, a proof-of-concept, architecture advice, training & more from Devoteam G Cloud experts.

Data Lake in Google Cloud

A data lake is a data ecosystem that lets you store & process all your data. Add data from multiple sources, internal & external, in its native raw format without having to define its final structure beforehand.
Your data lake sets you up for data & analytics success. Unlock the true power of insights out of all your data.

  • Re-host your on-premise data lake to Google Cloud with a lift & shift.
  • Burst a specific, resource-intensive data lake workload to Google Cloud.
  • Build a Cloud-native data lake in the Google Cloud.


Better Business Intelligence

Get the right Data Analytics tools for collecting, analysing & activating Business Intelligence.

Share business insights with relevant stakeholders within your organisation with clear & beautiful dashboards & apps.

With Looker, you can create data experiences that access the most up-to-date version of your company’s data & integrate it with users’ workflows.

Marketing Analytics & Enhancing your customer experience

Hyper personalise your Customer Experience & increase your marketing ROI. Create more insightful customer profiles, integrate & transform your marketing data & activate for better marketing campaigns.

  • Leverage Google Cloud’s Machine Learning & artificial intelligence technologies on top of your marketing data & analytics in the Cloud.
  • Provide a holistic view of your customers & prospects.
  • Understand your customer journey better.
  • Predict marketing & business results.
  • Personalise & enhance your customer experience and marketing campaigns.
  • Integrated view of your marketing data across silos.

Streaming Analytics

With Google’s Streaming analytics solutions, you derive real-time business insights & organise your data right from the moment that it’s generated.

Ingest, process & analyse fluctuating volumes of real-time data. Reduce complexity & give access to your real-time data analytics to analysts & data engineers.

Google’s stream analytics solutions are built on the autoscaling infrastructure of Pub/Sub, Dataflow & BigQuery.

Data Security First

Keep your data & organisation secure at all times. Google Cloud helps to secure & govern your data.

With data automatically encrypted in transit & at rest by default, and other security capabilities like Identity & Access Management (IAM), Cloud Data Loss Prevention & Data Catalog – Google Cloud is the best choice when you put data security as a priority.

The most important reason why we chose for Google Cloud is because we feel Google is the Cloud provider that is the strongest in the field of data and analytics. Google is best-in-class and a game changer when it comes to data connections, data transformation and data analytics.

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