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HYCU Native Google Cloud Backup as a Service

Fully managed Backup as a Service. No deployment. No sizing and configuration. No maintenance hassle.


HYCU Backup as a service tightly integrates into Google Cloud to bring unified security, reliability, performance, ransomware protection and user experience.

No need to deploy or manage your backups, just choose a Virtual Machine (VM), a GKE application, a bucket or any other Google PaaS that you want to protect, assign the data protection policy you desire and HYCU for Google Cloud will take care of the rest for you.

A true Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS) with cloud-scale architecture
Impact-free and agentless backup and recovery
Limitless scalability and elasticity
100% application focus includes SAP HANA and GKE applications
Assured backup security to recover from ransomware attacks
Multi-regional disaster recovery
Integrated with Google Billing on GCP Marketplace

HYCU for Google in 60 seconds

What makes HYCU for Google Cloud unique?


It uses native snapshots, integration with Google IAM, and Google storage buckets for optimal TCO. It does not require any legacy backup agents.

Delivered as a service

This simplifies deployment at scale and grows as you go with an easy and modern set of management capabilities. Customers do not need to set up any virtual appliances or agents.

Easy to consume

Backup service is fully integrated into Google Marketplace and Billing.

Easy to scale

HYCU was designed as a cloud-native service that dynamically scales with the customers’ environment. Google IAM integration makes self-service recovery easy to accomplish.

Focus on application protection

HYCU ensures traditional and modernized applications are consistently backed-up and recovered.


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Datasheet: HYCU for Google Cloud

Want to see HYCU for Google Cloud in action?

Watch this 3 minute demo and find out how HYCU can keep your data safe and save you time or simply download the fully-functional 14-day free trial through Google Marketplace! Marketplace:

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