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Technology Consulting

Get the best value out of your IT investments to achieve your business objectives with Cloud. Explore our different Technology Consulting services. Our specialists will use their expertise and industry knowledge to implement and manage strategies, plus offer best practises to make the most of your system processes.

Managed Services

We offer a range of IT services that fit your business needs in a predictable cost setting, so you can continue to focus on the core objectives of your business. Our offer includes Workplace Management, Managed Infrastructure, Network and Communications, Application Operations and Identity, Access and Risk Management.

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Google Cloud Platform Services

Get more ROI out of your Google Cloud! As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, our team of certified experts will guide you in every step of the way on your Google Cloud journey.

We’ll strategise with you to help you make the most of your Google Cloud Platform technologies to ensure they are serving all your business needs.

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Technology is nothing without the people using it. Give your teams a head start: get them trained in the latest Google Cloud technologies & tools with our certified experts. See our offer of Google Cloud platform & Google Workspace training. Pick your topic and format, and get ready to learn. A lot.

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As worthwhile as it may be for a business to move to the public Cloud, the migration process itself is often daunting, particularly when it comes to getting the full benefits of this technology. Google Cloud consulting allows you to surround yourself with trusted Google Cloud Partners, so you can build a powerful solution to fit your needs.

Among the services and perks you can expect from partners specializing in technology consulting for Google Cloud are general support, help with design, deployment, and migration, as well as a clear onboarding path. At Devoteam G Cloud, we even offer training and workshops for your IT team or end users.

This allows you to get started quickly and to have a turnkey solution at your disposal, having made no costly mistakes along the way.

Google Cloud is considered one of the main public cloud providers. It also boasts IaaS, SaaS (Google Workspace), and PaaS solutions, offering users all the flexibility they may want.

Google’s Virtual Private Cloud answers the needs of companies that require a dedicated underlying IT infrastructure.

Anthos is Google Cloud’s hybrid cloud manager. It is intended for users looking for a consistent development and operations experience both for on-premises and cloud environments.

Cloud computing delivers IT resources on demand over the Internet, allowing customers to scale their use of storage, databases, and other resources without having to buy or own servers or data centers.

The GCP (Google Cloud Platform) provides the infrastructure companies need to back up their data (or data warehousing through Flycs), handle software development and disaster recovery, enjoy more advanced data analytics, leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence, etc.

Having access to a broader range of technologies allows businesses to cultivate more agility and to scale up as needed, all while saving costs.

To make full use of this technology, Google Cloud consulting is especially beneficial.

Google’s way of extending customer service to its users is through Managed Services Google Cloud Partners, whose role is to help you with the management of your Google platform so you can focus on your core activities. From setup, to general maintenance, to specific fixes, your infrastructure is in capable hands.

 IT consulting on Google Cloud also put specialists in charge of governing user access and making sure your services and systems remain secure at all times.

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, Devoteam G Cloud specializes in technology consulting for Google Cloud solutions.

We provide a range of IT services, including Workspace Management, Network and Communications, Managed Infrastructure, Identity, Access and Risk Management, Application Operations, and more. Our Google Cloud Platform Services are designed to create a Google experience that works for you.

And because technology is only as good as the people using it, our certified experts offer Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace training for your team and end users.