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Get Onboard Modern Manufacturing In The Cloud

Grow your revenue, increase efficiency of your operations & insert Cloud innovation in your manufacturing value chain! On-premise solutions struggle to keep up with the high-powered demands and intricacy of modern manufacturing. From product design conception to customer interaction, Devoteam G Cloud has been providing computing platforms for manufacturers to minimise costs, gain insight into operational processes and come out ahead of the competition.

Cloud solutions for manufacturing

Interlink your manufacturing organisation

Get consistent working both with on-premises and cloud environments & accelerate your application development with Hybrid cloud for manufacturing. Empower your workforce, from your offices to the assembly line; to work more efficiently & faster with comprehensive collaboration & communication solutions. Migrate your VMs to Google Cloud to optimise performance and costs. And accelerate your R&D with High-Performance Computing solutions.

Smarter business insights & decisions

Get business insights fast from your data with BigQuery, Google Cloud’s serverless, highly scalable & cost-effective cloud data warehouse. Boost optimisation, uptime & quality across your business with SAP on Google Cloud.

Supercharge your operations with AI & ML technologies

Power your manufacturing visual inspections with AI technology. And improve your customer experience and operational performance with Google’s AI-powered contact center platform, Contact Center AI.

On-Demand Session:
Digital Transformation & Innovation with Cloud in manufacturing

In this on-demand session, hear from our customer Kalman Tiboldi, CEO at GEM One (TVH Holding), and his story on how they transformed their business and infrastructure with Google Cloud. In just 45 minutes, explore the latest insights and strategies to help you transform your manufacturing business & IT infrastructure with Cloud.


Customer Stories

Our team has been working with many different clients from all over the EMEA and APAC region to support them with the latest technology solutions. Read on to see how we helped world-class manufacturers like Sandvik and TZMO. They rely on our extensive know-how to leverage digitisation as a tool to improve the process of production.


We aim to help you work smarter to achieve your company goals faster. When Sandvik, Sweden’s global engineering group, required cloud solutions as advanced as their manufacturing process, we were equipped to provide. Together with Google Cloud, we developed a solution for the simpler elements of metalworking machines to be programmed in the cloud.
Now Sandvik’s customers can bridge the gap between dimensions through an application that allows the customer to work in 3D from programming to manufacturing.


TZMO’s deep digital transformation started with Devoteam G Cloud’s help in rolling out Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). As a leading European manufacturer of cosmetic products, sanitary articles and medical devices to global markets, TZMO needed to leave behind their legacy systems to achieve business agility and competitiveness.
We deployed an impressive 3,400 user Google Workspace rollout supplemented with over 100 training sessions for admins and users. We’re proud to be part of TZMO’s kickstart on their path to modernisation.

Implement Cloud In Your Manufacturing Business With Devoteam G Cloud!

To remain competitive in an industry where major actors are embracing digital transformation, manufacturers are turning to innovative technologies, including artificial intelligence and the Cloud. Google Cloud Manufacturing provides them with concrete solutions to help them scale their migration projects from proof of concept all the way to a seamless integration. Google Cloud’s ambition is to support manufacturers and to help them become true digital factories. With access to unified and contextualized data from their various processes and assets, plant managers and manufacturing engineers can look forward to new problem-solving approaches.

In addition to the tools traditionally at the disposal of Google Cloud Platform users, Google Cloud Manufacturing offers industry-specific solutions, including:

  •         Manufacturing Data Engine, which is a cloud solution designed to contextualize and store factory data.
  •         Manufacturing Connect, co-developed with edge software supplier Litmus, which utilizes a library of over 250 machine protocols to connect with practically any manufacturing asset and translate machine data into a format that can be processed, contextualized, and stored.
  •         Machine-Level Anomaly Detection, which relies on Google Cloud’s Time Series Insights API on real-time machine and sensor data to alert manufacturers whenever an anomaly occurs.
  •         Predictive Maintenance, which provides manufacturers with pre-built predictive maintenance machine learning models.

These solutions unlock a wide range of application cases and can help manufacturing companies increase their efficiency, grow their revenue, and bring innovation to their manufacturing value chain.

Google Cloud Manufacturing allows you to improve your uniformity working with both cloud and on-premise environments. By providing your workforce with access to real-time, comprehensive communication and collaboration tools, you can promote responsiveness and competence in offices and on assembly lines.

Thanks to BigQuery, Google Cloud’s serverless solution, your factory data can be analyzed and interpreted into business insights that will help you boost your efficiency and your productivity.

Artificial Intelligence fosters smarter business decisions and allows you to optimize your operations. Google’s AI-powered contact center platform, Contact Center AI, provides an improved customer experience for professionals in the manufacturing industry.

In addition, using the Manufacturing Data Engine from Google Cloud will give you direct access to the Vertex AI platform and its integrated AI/ML tools. Manufacturing engineers can rely on AutoML, while experts looking to fine-tune their results can utilize even more advanced AI tools.

To make the most of Google’s cutting-edge technology and ensure the successful digital transformation of your manufacturing value chain, Devoteam G Cloud offers dedicated services.

Our partnership with Google Cloud allows us to help manufacturers design, build, and deploy modular solution on Google Cloud’s Manufacturing Data Engine. By creating a cloud ecosystem based on your specific constraints, we give you the key to supercharging your operations.

We understand the intricacy of modern manufacturing and develop customized cloud computing platforms geared for manufacturers. Gain insight into your operational processes, reduce your costs, and position yourself as an industry leader by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning.