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Security in Google Cloud

Our security expertise with Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace gives you peace of mind and allows you to fully optimise your cloud-based business.


Devoteam G Cloud supports you at every stage of your security journey


Ensure that you know everything there is to know about your environment and all its resources (BCP assets, work environment data, architecture).


To protect your data, you need to control access to it, define and adapt data encryption to your needs, identify and correct vulnerabilities in your environment, prevent data leaks, and protect your internet applications.


Detect threats within your cloud environment using proven solutions, and block attacks that may target you.


Deliver an automatic, tailored response to security events in your cloud environment.


Ensure the resilience of your data by implementing specific Cloud backup policies.

A comprehensive support package to ensure your security in the cloud. Devoteam G Cloud Cybersecurity Offer

Wherever you are located, our security experts are ready to protect your strategic assets through our cybersecurity services.

Operational security

Protect your cloud environment with security operations and identify and mitigate threats or configuration errors. Discover and implement dedicated solutions to protect your cloud environment with native solutions like Security Command Center. Enhance your threat detection and remediation processes by combining the power of Chronicle (Chronicle SOAR & SIEM) and VirusTotal.

Data Security in the Cloud.

Ensure proper access, data leakage prevention and secure encryption of your data in the cloud. Data in the cloud can be targeted by attackers, accidentally altered or inappropriately shared. In response to these risks, Devoteam G Cloud has the expertise to protect your data with solutions such as BeyondCorp (Zero Trust), Cloud DLP or Cloud IAM. Devoteam G Cloud helps you define processes and configure specific encryption solutions such as CMEK or EKM, enabling regulatory compliance.

Application protection

Developing and hosting applications in the cloud requires enhanced processes and safeguards to ensure reliability. From the start of the development process, until you’re ready to publish online, security must be a core consideration throughout. Devoteam G Cloud experts have all the specialised knowledge it takes to secure your developments and CI/CD chains (audit, configurations, and tools). In addition, our GCP experts can advise and configure solutions to protect your online applications against threats such as intrusions, DDoS (Cloud Armor) and anti-fraud (reCAPTCHA).

Assess your security readiness

Know your security strengths and weaknesses to define your roadmap. Security audits of your cloud environment can help you plan your next steps. Our audits cover the main infrastructure topics (resource management, network, VM, IAM, data, Kubernetes, and operations).

Google Cloud Security Solutions

Through creating a bespoke combination of security and monitoring features, Devoteam G Cloud can provide a seamless package that’s tailored to your unique needs. We analyse your market position, business structure, assets, and vulnerabilities and then develop a tailor-made solution based on some of the following applications:


Google’s cloud-native security operations suite, offers state-of-the art, contextual security monitoring by continuously evaluating IoC (indicators of compromise) and leveraging combined data intelligence to detect threats.  It enables cost-effective use of security telemetry to improve your productivity and stay up on modern threats. 

Chronicle SOAR

Chronicle SIEM


Mandiant can identify priority responses based on an organization’s industry and help them proactively protect their assets and data. It offers a wide range of cybersecurity services, including incident response, threat intelligence, auditing, and risk management. These services allow organizations to benefit from progressive attack detection and analysis, as well as testing their external threat exposure.

It offers a wide range of cybersecurity services, including incident response, threat intelligence, auditing and risk management.


BeyondCorp is a Zero Trust security framework modelled by Google. This solution is the perfect replacement for VPN systems. BeyondCorp offers protection against threats such as malware and phishing, URL filtering and data security for web and SaaS applications. 

BeyondCorp provides reporting, investigation and alert functionality, along with Context Aware Access (CAA) for SaaS and SAML applications and web applications. 

Security Command Center

Google’s Security Command Centre provides centralised visibility and control of all Google Cloud resources. You can use it to find and fix at-risk vulnerabilities and configuration errors, as well as detect threats. 

The Security Command Centre also facilitates reporting and compliance. 


Solution that allows you to scan a file or URL with multiple antivirus engines, as well as search for a file, URL, or domain in their database to gain additional context. 

VirusTotal helps to determine whether a file or site is malicious or safe.


Protects your website from fraud and abuse without creating friction.  

It uses an advanced risk analysis engine and adaptive challenges to prevent malware from carrying out abusive activities on your website. This means legitimate users will be able to log in, make purchases, screen pages or create accounts while fake users will be blocked.

Why do secret agents use Google Cloud?

Read about a very special agent who uses Google Cloud on a daily basis to protect his data and access in the cloud. 

With Google Cloud solutions and the support of Devoteam G Cloud experts, you can focus on your business needs and leave your security to us.

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