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Create unique data experiences with Looker

Unlock the true power of your data with Looker. We teamed up with Looker so you can get more out of your data.

Looker is Google Cloud’s cloud-native Enterprise Business Intelligence Platform. With Looker you can get secure access to near real-time data when & where you need it.

Here’s what you can benefit from with Looker:

Modern BI & analytics

Smarter visualisations updated in real-time so you can leverage your company’s underlying data.

Better, blended insights

Give your team a unified view of new and relevant data so they can make smarter decisions with better insights.

Data-driven workflows

Uncover the possibilities of your data in every aspect of your business. Streamline your workflows with real-time analytics and maximise your investments.

What we like about Looker:

API-first & cloud native

for integrating into existing workflows.

Semantic modeling layer

for enterprise-wide governance.

In-database architecture

for access to real-time data.

Interested in creating fantastic data experiences for your business with Looker?