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Expert Directors Career Launchpad

Accelerate Your Senior Tech Career

Are you a seasoned Data engineer, ML engineer, Cloud engineer, Cloud architect, or DevOps professional looking for your next challenge?

Are you ready to take your senior tech career to new heights? Devoteam G Cloud’s Senior Onboarding Program is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Our 1.5-week program covers everything you need to know to succeed in the fast-paced world of Google Cloud tech, from essential topics for all new joiners to cutting-edge technologies that will keep you ahead of the curve.

Jason Quek You’ll gain access to Google’s product teams, interact with experts from 18 countries, and receive exclusive information that’s reserved only for premier MSP partners. Plus, discover our accelerator secret sauce. Jason Quek  – Global CTO | Google Certified Fellow Hybrid Cloud

Interested in the program?

What to expect from the Program?

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Personalized onboarding, mentorship, and training to help you get up to speed quickly
  • Courses including Architecting with Google Cloud, Security in Google Cloud, Consulting 101 – Project delivery & Agile Basics, Partner Advantage Service Kits, Pillar Onboarding, our accelerators, and many more
  • Tools and resources to help you excel in your role and grow professionally
  • Connect with senior G Cloud experts from across the globe, gaining valuable insights and building lasting relationships with like-minded professionals
  • A fully online agenda, allowing participants to access the sessions from anywhere in the world
Training by Tristan

Expert Trainers

The sessions are led by our Tribe leads, CTOs and Product Owners with a passion for teaching with a deep understanding of the latest Google Cloud technologies and trends.

Our experienced trainers will help you gain the skills you need to excel in your role. 

Our experienced trainers, including:

Niels Buekers

CTO Devoteam G Cloud Belgium | Google Cloud Certified Anthos Fellow

Keren castelli
Keren Rodrigues Castelli

Head Of Change Management BNL & UK | EMEA Change Management Lead

Sven Hermans
Sven Hermans

Head of Data & Analytics Belgium | EMEA Data Tribe Tech lead

Rubén Blázquez

CTO at Devoteam G Cloud Denmark | EMEA Infra & App modernization Tribe Lead

Tristan Van Thielen

Head of Machine Learning Belgium | EMEA ML & AI Tribe lead

Global CTO at Devoteam G Cloud | Google Certified Fellow Hybrid Cloud
Jason Quek

Global CTO | Google Certified Fellow Hybrid Cloud | 13 of 13 GCP certs

Thomas Laporte
Thomas Laporte

CTO France | EMEA Data Tribe Lead

Dries Van Bael

Lead Google Cloud Engineer | Product Owner Security Assessment

Expert Directors Career Launchpad

? Interested in the program?

Apply for any senior position, designed for experienced professionals looking for new challenges and rewarding roles. Our HR team will reach out to discuss if the program is the best fit for you.


Your Profile

Our program is designed to help seniors to advance their careers and take their expertise to the next level.

  1. You have at least 2 years of experience working with Google Cloud
  2. You’re hands-on and have good knowledge of Google Cloud best practices
  3. You’re Google Cloud Certified


We’re building cultures of innovation with Google Cloud technology. Working at Devoteam G Cloud

Devoteam G Cloud is a global leader in Google Cloud technologies and has been a trusted Google Cloud Premier Partner for a decade with 2300+ happy customers in 20+ countries.

Continuous learning possibilities, certification opportunities and serious “teambonding” are at the tips of your fingers. That is our commitment. A culture of collaboration rules our workfloor. No question is too much to ask or too big to solve, together as a team.

At Devoteam G Cloud we move as a team – improve as an individual. The question is: can you keep up?
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