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Modernise your applications

Modernise legacy applications and build new apps fast & secure with Cloud. Accelerate your hybrid & multi-cloud strategy with a unique platform.

Accelerating your business starts by removing everything that slows you down.

That includes modernising legacy apps that are expensive & difficult to maintain.
Achieve the business & IT agility your organisation needs with modern application development solutions.
Source: Unlocking business acceleration in a hybrid cloud world, August 2019

think they didn´t reach the it agility it needs.

Solving for modern applications’ needs

The Cloud offers a path forward for increasing speed of innovation & time to market. But many enterprises today are still struggling with the following common pain points in their app development:

Pain point


Accelerating developer velocity often goes together with compromising on security. Challenges IT departments face are compliance with enterprise policies and security procedures.

Pain point

Adapting faster to customer demands

Many enterprises need the ability to adapt faster to customer demands. Today’s customers, prospects, employees & partners expect nothing less than a modern, interactive and fast user experience from your apps.

Pain point


IT leaders often struggle with offering their teams consistency across multiple operating environments. A challenge there is the lack of interoperability between legacy workloads & operational silos.

Pain point

Minimising development time & business downtime

Application development needs to be modernised while avoiding downtime for users of your apps and at the same time, maximising the speed of your app development.

Pain point


Complexity is the ultimate pain point a lot of companies are struggling with. Working with multiple Clouds or with a combination of on-premises and Cloud systems; IT leaders need a way to take away complexity for their teams and offer uniformity.

With Google Cloud, modernise those legacy apps or build new apps rapidly – in a consistent hybrid and multi-cloud environment if needed.

Deploy apps faster with security built in.

As a result, benefit from high levels of automation while boosting the reliability of your platform.

Modernise. Innovate.

Meet your company’s business needs and development priorities quickly, flexibly, and securely with Google Cloud’s application modernisation solutions. We help you modernise or build new apps across hybrid and multi-cloud fast and without vendor lock-in.

A uniform platform across hybrid- and multi-cloud deployments

No more complexity or lack of consistency. With Google Cloud’s Anthos, you have the tools in hands to build apps once and rum them anywhere, across on-premises and in the Cloud. Accelerate your app development while managing complexity from a single pane view of all your processes.

Discover Anthos

Cloud-native App development without compromising on security

Faster application development in the Cloud with security & quality built in: it’s possible with Cloud-native solutions like microservices, serverless & container solutions. Use modern Cloud-native application development products from Google Cloud like Kubernetes, Cloud Code, Cloud Build, Cloud Run & Google Kubernetes Engine. Focus on faster app development with your IT infrastructure taken care of by Google Cloud.

Modernising legacy applications

Modernise your legacy services and use them alongside Cloud-native apps. Unlock a faster time to market, build new services by decomposing your legacy applications and ensure uptime & keep control of your enterprise security & compliance needs. Leverage modern Cloud technologies like Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Anthos & Machine Learning. Connect modern Cloud services with on-premises applications with APIs.

APIs for better app management & unlocking new business channels

With Google Cloud’s platform for API Management called Apigee, you easily bridge legacy systems to modern apps & build an integrated experience for your employees, partners or customers. Securely & easily share valuable data to stakeholders using APIs and enter new digital channels & business models.

Continuous Delivery & Continuous Integration

Embrace open source technology & work with open standards. Deploy to anywhere with a continuous integration and delivery pipeline. Use CI/CD and built-in deployment practices to reduce the risk of deploying a new version of software in production.

Engage customers with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Leverage Google Cloud’s innovative ML & AI products & services to create engaging customer experiences in your apps. Use AI Hub, AI Building blocks & AI platform to empower your developers & data scientists to use plug and play AI components and sight, language, conversation & structured data in the development of apps.

Security & Compliance First

Incorporate security in all layers of your software delivery process. Detect vulnerabilities as soon as code is committed. Remain in control of your security at all times: set up automated security & policy checks.

Build on Google Cloud’s world-class infrastructure & focus on what matters

Focus on what matters: quickly code, build, deploy & manage modern applications without worrying about your IT infrastructure. Leverage Google Cloud’s highly responsive infrastructure that allows you to easily scale up and down depending on traffic.

Google Kubernetes Engine has been the biggest quantum leap for us, compared to how we managed infrastructure before. We used to plan things out months in advance. We never had the ability to ramp up our compute power the day before big campaigns and scale back down the day after.

Why Google for application modernisation?

Focus on innovation instead of operations with serverless

Google offers a full stack of serverless workloads so you can decrease the effort you put into operations and focus on innovation & development.

A unique platform to modernise at your own pace

Google Cloud’s Anthos platform allows you to build your app once and run it anywhere – on-premises or in the Cloud or both.

Cutting-edge Open Source Technology

Avoid vendor lock-in & benefit from the latest cutting edge technologies with the open source technology leadership of Google Cloud.

Partner Services for application modernisation with Google Cloud

Work with experts

Our entire team of Google Cloud experts is Google certified. We have the experience & technical expertise in all areas of Cloud implementations, to help you be as successful as possible in your Google Cloud projects.

The full power of Google Cloud

Just like any technology, Google Cloud’s solutions and products are evolving very fast. Our team stays on top of all the latest updates of the technology so you’re always sure that you can benefit of the full power of Google Cloud technology.

Trusted partner

Work with us as your trusted partner not only for the delivery of your Application Modernisation project, but get guidance on any part of your IT strategy and plans.


Anthos, Google Cloud’s platform for application modernisation allows you to build your apps once, then run them anywhere at any time.

Accelerate your application modernisation with the platform that allows you to insert consistency & reduce complexity in your hybrid or multi-Cloud approach.

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