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Datacentre Modernisation

Assess, plan and move your applications to a modern datacentre.

Assess, plan and move your applications to a modern datacentre. Ensure your data architecture is future-proof, reducing time to insight with your data and increasing the speed at which you can scale your organisation. And with the expertise of Devoteam G Cloud, a certified Google Cloud Partner, your journey will be assisted from A to Z.

Key pain points solved by datacentre modernisation

Enable scalability for future expansion

  • Cut the time and cost of future expansions of your data infrastructure
  • Reduce maintenance costs as your scale to larger and more complex data structures
  • With a modern cloud based data infrastructure adjust your infrastructure according to your

Centralisation of data

  • Centralising your data allows you to gain quick insights all in one place
  • Decompartmentalise your organisation, make sure everyone has access to the same information
  • Enhance the security of your data

Allow for the use of AI technologies

  • The foundation for any AI technology is a modern data infrastructure
  • With a modern data centre you can integrate upcoming AI technologies in the future at a lower cost

Your ideal partner for your datacentre modernisation

Whether you’re seeking to exit on-premises data centres, seamlessly migrate workloads, modernise applications, or switch cloud providers, our expertise ensures a smooth and successful transition. Partner with us to unlock the true potential of cloud computing for your business.

With Devoteam’s expertise and in-house set of accelerators we can help reduce time to market and cost of implementing your modernised datacentre.

Devoteam’s Accelerators

Gain access to Devoteams toolbox of best practices, or accelerators.

  • Devoteam’s Google Cloud accelerators simplify a range of repetitive and complex tasks that are common pain points when implementing new data centers.
  • In some cases, cost efficiency increases by 65% increase and project implementation speeds up by 4 times thanks to these accelerators.
  • Find out more here!
Google Cloud Accelerators

Save time and costs with Devoteam Experts and Strategists

Awarded Google Cloud partner Devoteam helps you to create the right roadmap for your data centre modernisation from A to Z

  • Receive training from you administrators and developers.
  • Have Devoteam G Cloud change managers help align your people and tech to maximise adoption of your new data tools.
  • Have Devoteam G Cloud experts work closely with your IT department and other stakeholders to create the perfect solution for you.
  • Reduce the overall cost, time and pain of implementing your AI systems.
  • And more!

Ensure maximum reliability with Devoteam managed services

Devoteam is at your service whenever needed to ensure peace of mind with Devoteam’s managed service packages

  • Have Devoteam experts be available at any time
  • Receive regular checkups to ensure your platform and applications continue to run smoothly
  • And more!
Google Cloud Managed Services

Find out how you can start modernising your datacentre with Devoteam Get in touch with our experts