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Google Maps Platform is Google’s powerful solution to find places, routes or businesses.

You probably use it daily to get around, so why not for your business?

99% world coverage.
25million daily updates.
1billion active users per month.

You imagine, we make it happen

Make a difference with maps that represent you fully.

From displaying a stylised map with markers in Street View to calculating routes or distance. Google Maps APIs allow you to build your personalised maps.

Easily customise your map and give your users an unmatched navigation experience


the interest of your users.

Facilitate and improve

your customer experience and journey.

Promote interaction

with your customers.


your conversion rate.


your customers.

Inform your employees

Google Maps Platform is an opportunity to bring together and engage your employees around a business application. Increase the productivity of your workforce.

Inform your employees about points of interest, organise virtual tours with the Street View option, and more.

Inspire your customers

Take advantage of the benefits linked to the Google Maps Platform to boost your marketing campaigns. This is the opportunity to involve and retain your customers around an innovative and interactive application.

Why Devoteam G Cloud?

A Tailor-made Offer

Our teams take the time to study your challenges and your objectives in order to provide you with a relevant and personalised offer.

Developers Involved

At Devoteam G Cloud, every project is important. Our Digital Lab experts support you in your application development with interest and passion.

Our Google Maps Platform Expertise

Devoteam G Cloud was strengthened by integrating the company Progis, absolute experts in GIS and Google Maps solutions. Progis brought more than twelve years of experience in cartographic data visualisation projects to add to Devoteam G Cloud’s skills.

Our Google Cloud Platform Expertise

Our developers and consultants have the right skills to host your application and data in Google Cloud.

Customer Success

Our team supports you before, during and after your project, to help you progress in the adoption of your new solution.

The way we work together on your Google Maps project


We define your objectives and ensure you’ll get the best experience.

START: Integration of Google Maps Platform in your environment

We develop your personalised map and support you in your cartographic visualisation projects.

ADOPTION: Going Google Cloud

We help you get the most out of Google Maps Platform and the entire Google Cloud ecosystem.

LET’S GO FURTHER: Giving extra value to your project

We create and develop engaging application projects.

Our experts are there to help! Any questions about how your business can benefit from Google Maps solutions?

Talk to us