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Create a digital workplace.

Connect & collaborate with your team from anywhere and anytime. Modernise your organisation for today's digital world with Google Cloud workplace solutions.

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Pain points. Employees expect robust digital experiences
at work but they…

Can’t collaborate

together at the same time on a presentation or document.

Lack a digital work experience

that feels as if it was “made for them”.

Can’t actively participate

in work discussions.

Waste too much energy on time-consuming and avoidable tasks

such as unproductive information searches, excessive email, technology bugs and toggling between applications.

Can’t check any notification or information

while they are on the move.

With the right digital tools and infrastructure your workforce has access to all the files, apps and contacts they need any time.
Offer your employees a smoother collaboration, better communications, a secure service & better interaction.

This new way of working will benefit the whole organisation.

Collaborate, Connect & Innovate With a digital workplace you will

Enable a highly engaged, collaborative workplace

to deliver a superior performance. Employees have access to the data they need at any time and in any location using the right applications.

Innovate faster

by creating a culture of collaboration and innovation. Removing obstacles and providing the right tools for real-time collaboration fosters innovation and drives empowerment.

Get stuff done faster

with Artificial Intelligence in your productivity suite.

Unite the workforce with

a transparent work environment.

Offer a secure access

single sign-on and highly secured platform in which employees can exchange business-related information.

Empower your employees

with remote and mobile working.

Solutions Empower your employees to use technology to its fullest. Create a digital workplace that drives efficiency.

Companies that provide location-independent solutions to their employees will have an advantage over those who don’t bet on this.

Collaboration tools to work together from anywhere

Collaboration tools are a key differentiator as businesses figure out new ways of operating their businesses and collaborate in more meaningful ways.

Online collaboration tools empower employees to work together on projects from anywhere in the world. These tools help both remote workers and in-house teams achieve greater levels of transparency, execute projects better, optimise resources and work together better overall.

→ Work Anywhere

Increasing internal communications

To reduce unnecessary communication and interruptions you need to increase the quality of your internal communications by deliver personalisation.

The use of a collaborative intranet offers a great solution to connect, collaborate and engage your employees. This innovative digital workplace solution equips organisations to streamline internal communication. 

→ Download the Connecting People in Your Organisation Whitepaper

Safe browsing and secure endpoints

In an age where data leaks and cyber-attacks dominate headlines almost daily, you need to guarantee the security and privacy of your company’s data.

IT administrators need to control who within the workplace has access to business apps and resources. Defend your organisation, protect your IT infrastructure, and keep your employees secure, whether they’re working in the office or on the go.

It’s essential to keep your data and your digital workplace secure. 

→ Reimagine your employee experience in a safe way with Chrome Enterprise

A paperless working environment

In a digital workplace, paperwork is any longer part of the physical workplace. There’re loads of benefits of going paperless: save time, space, money, it’s easier to transfer any information, you’ll be greener.

There are tools that can automate the paperwork flow: a digital document management system. Close your deals faster from anywhere and on any device by using an electronic signature solution.

It also reduces money spent on paper, printers, ink, postage, office space for files and employee time to manage paperwork. And it’s much more sustainable.

Video conferencing tools

With video conferencing platforms you can go beyond standard video-conferencing. Video conferencing not only creates a more collaborative culture in your organisation, it’s a foundation for enabling a digital workforce.

With cloud-based collaborative video conferencing you increase the employee engagement and productivity.Remote workers feel more connected to their team and business processes.

→ Video conferencing with Google Meet

→ Youtube how-to video’s: learn the different ways to start and to join a video meeting

→ Security & privacy in Google Meet Video Conferencing

Any device, any time & anywhere Transform your workplace with Digital Workplace Solutions

A Digital Workplace empowers your employees and makes them more productive, agile, and engaged. Let’s take a look at how we can help you to transform your workplace in a digital one.

The integrated, collaborative, cloud-based tool Google Workspace will transform your traditional workplace to the desired digital workplace.

Learn more

Transform your internal communications with a LumApps intranet.

Learn more

Enable your users to access data, applications, and extensions securely.

Learn more

Easily manage your documents & automated workflows, and ensure compliance.

Learn more

Centralised communication where everyone can engage and focus on what matters.

Learn more

Smartsheet helps organise and automate your tasks and makes decision-making easier.

Learn more

100% unified Cloud telephony.

Learn more

If you want a computer that is smart, secure and ready when you are, it’s time for a Chromebook.

Learn more

Creativity and collaboration, in real-time from any device. Visualise your ideas. Experience it with Jamboard or with the Jamboard app!

Learn more

User Adoption & Change Management

An optimal and effective use of the new solutions is key to success. It’s crucial to avoid that your employees don’t use the new solution or don’t use it effectively. You need to prepare employees and to unlock the full potential of your digital workplace investments.

To accelerate adoption and maximise the benefits of a digital workplace, our Digital Workplace Experts focus on people-centered strategies. This translates to significant cost savings and productivity gains.

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Innovation with Google Cloud solutions in the retail industry.

Public Sector

Local governments & public sector benefit from Google Cloud solutions to improve their services.


Google Cloud solutions to boost your business in manufacturing.

Google Cloud Healthcare

Better patient care, increased health care workers productivity & improved data security with Google Cloud Solutions.

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