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Preparing for the Professional Data Engineer Exam

This one-day course is intended for candidates preparing for the Professional Data Engineer certification. 

We will provide lots of advice to help you best prepare for the certification. The course provides participants with a condensed reminder of the different areas covered by the exam and prepares you with the best approach to tackling the various questions. It also highlights the various resources offered by Google and Qwiklabs to help you pass the exam.

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Format: Face-to-face or distance learning
  • Prerequisites: Completion of the course Data Engineering with Google Cloud Platform or equivalent.
    Knowledge and practical experience of GCP and cloud computing.
    Knowledge of data engineering and machine learning solutions.
  • Audience: People who want to prepare for the Professional Data Engineer certification.
  • Price: Please contact us
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The course in detail

Understand the Professional Data Engineer certification

  • Establish a basic knowledge of the certification examination and eliminate any confusion or misunderstandings about the process and nature of the examination.

Sample case studies for the Professional Data Engineer exam

  • Get an in-depth review of case studies provided for exam preparation.

Design and construction (revision and preparation advice)

  • Get advice and examples covering data processing system design skills, data structures and database skills.

Analysis and modelling (revision and preparation tips)

  • Get tips and examples covering data analysis, business process analysis and optimisation and machine learning skills.

Reliability, policy and security (review and preparation guidance)

  • Get tips and examples covering reliability, policies, security and compliance skills.

Resources and next steps

  • Gain resources to find out more about the possible exam topics identified.

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