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A change manager’s day at Google Next 2019 Vlog

Follow along Fourcast’ change manager Keren Castelli through a day at Google Cloud Next ’19 in her vlog below!

In the vlog, you’ll experience the atmosphere at the conference and get a view on the personal recap of Keren about new announcements and breakout sessions regarding the topics of Google G Suite solutions and change management. 

It’s 7 AM, we’re in San Francisco & the day is absolutely gorgeous”. 

Watch the vlog by hitting the play button on the thumbnail below:

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Co-starring change manager Michael Van Leemputten & glimpses of the rest of our team attending the Next conference in San Francisco this year. 

Transcript of the video

“Hi everyone! So welcome to this vlog.

I thought that what I would do is that I would take you on a really cool journey today.

We’re attending the Google Cloud Next conference in San Francisco and what I wanted to share with you guys is what a day of a change manager is at such a conference.

I have a really full day today. Absolutely packed full of sessions. I also have a workshop towards the end of the day.

So I’ll be taking you along and sharing that really cool experience with you guys. And we’re starting the day really early.

It’s 7 AM we’re in San Francisco the day is absolutely gorgeous and we’re going to have breakfast. I’m accompanied by my marketing friend Liesbeth. Say hi…

And we’re off. Let’s go!

We’re here at our venue, it’s called Moscone Center, right? Something like that, forgive my accent.
So we’re heading off to our very first session and it’s called ‘keynote for innovation products’. So we’re going to… yeah we’re hoping for really good product announcements, some improvements for some of those Google apps that we absolutely love.

So let’s just go and check that out!

Alright guys so that was a pretty cool session. There are a lot of new things that were announced.
In terms of G Suite they announced the integration of Google Chat in Gmail, so that’s something 
the whole team was excited about. It’s going to really help us you know, in change management perspective to just position Google Chat easier. So that’s pretty cool.

They’re also going to add captions now to Hangouts Meet. So it will be much easier for users who have difficulty hearing obviously to follow the conversations. So… that’s something that we’re also quite excited about.

Heading off now to our next session. We’re going to see how we can reimagine work using G Suite. So let’s just go ahead and get started with that.

Alright, that was a really interesting session. We took a look at how we can reimagine the way that we work with G Suite. There were a couple of new announcements that they made.

One of them was they’re going to be integrating metadata in Google Drive. So that’s going to be an interesting one to explore right. So I’m here with my colleague Michael, he is also a change manager. What do you think Michael? Anything else you can think of?

Yes, some really cool new releases. Google Voice is going to be a nice one to add in communication tools. Other than that… Workflow approvals in Google Drive, were also a pretty nice feature. 

Google +… Yes! It changed. Renaming of Google +, so the customer side of Google+ is going to be…disabled and they’re going to put all their investments into Google+ for enterprises.

And with that there’s a new name coming. Yeah, ‘Currents’! 

Currents. So yeah, we’re pretty excited about that, right. Yes, that’s going to be very cool because they talked about a couple of quick things that they’re going to do; tagging with hashtags so you can group messages together and just get quick feedback in the social network which everybody 
is used to using right now like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, all of those. 

It’s going to be pretty similar to the thing they’re looking to create so, pretty excited about that.


Next stop for us is lunch! See you later.

Alright so we have just left one session: the neuroscience of change. It was all about how your brain reacts to change, so we went through six topics so six reasons why your brain actually doesn’t like change. We went through a bit of biology. It was really great 

We got to understand how just physically your brain is in pain, how your brain gets anxious and how your brain is just confused when it’s dealing with a lot of changes ’cause your brain is basically really lazy.

Anyway, it was such a great session.

And after that, after understanding why your brain reacts to change, we looked at how you can, you know help the brain with that process and allowing it to be more comfortable with the change. So we need to make sure that you’re repeating. Repetitive change management is needed there, making sure that your brain understands what’s working.

Also help the brain to process loss. Actually loss is something us as human beings have a lot of difficulty dealing with.

So yeah, a lot of takeaways. I think as change managers we’ll have to definitely implement that, even more then we already do. Just to make sure that us as humans we’re… you know, more comfortable with the G Suite deployments.

What do you think Michael?

We can, one last thing that I want to add. Now we can finally say “basal ganglia” in one sentence and know what we’re talking about.


That was so good. Nice promise that was kept at the end of the session. Thank you so much, Travis, for your amazing session. It was really great and looking forward to implement that.

So we’re off to our very last session of the day. It’s been a long day. All about transformation, so 
let’s keep you posted, let’s see how that goes.

Hi guys, I actually didn’t get to finish my vlog yesterday. Towards the end of the day it was a really really rush evening, so I just wanted to brief you guys on the ‘transform your business with the Cloud’ session.

It was a super cool session, it was really interactive. Basically the whole class was split in two. Each side had sort of like a case study and we had to come up with an innovative, creative idea to solve a problem.

Now I’m not going to give a lot of information about it just because I don’t know if you’re going to be attending a similar session. And I don’t want to ruin it for you.

But anyway, it was super interesting. We got to create a pitch and share it with the whole class and there was also a winner. So for those competitive souls out there, it was really cool. So, yeah.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what it was like to be at the Google Cloud Next conference as a change manager.

I enjoyed it. It was really so much fun, so much takeaways. I will be sharing a bit more of my experience in a couple of blog posts so stay tuned.

And in any case take care.

Bye! “

Interested in attending Google Next in London later this year or in San Francisco next year? Want to know more about our change management or G Suite deployment services? Contact us!