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Chatbot & voicebot specialist in the house: welcome Denis Abedinaj

Ever heard of conversational and voice technology? It’s one of the areas where we’re strong at and want to serve our customers even better in this year and the years to come. That’s why we’re proud to expand our team with a true chat- and voicebot specialist: a warm welcome to Denis Abedinaj! Curious about our new specialist? Read his introduction below.

Denis Abedinaj-Fourcast

Short Bio

My name is Denis ABEDINAJ, the new Conversational & Voice UI Specialist at Fourcast. Such a long title, isn’t it? Basically it means that I build chatbots and voicebots to leverage our customers’ customer experience. This is exactly what I love to do: understanding the client’s needs, match these needs with the best experience possible, build cool stuff, release the beast and see what is happening.

On a personal level, you can find me at the gym, at the nearest sneakers shop or concert hall enjoying the finest of hip-hop artists. Over the past years, I also discovered in myself a passion for art exhibitions, literature and all the hidden places where you can eat tremendous food in Brussels.

Why Fourcast?

My previous job consisted of a mix between performance marketing and chatbot building. Both areas brought me a solid experience and knowledge but after a while, I understood that what I actually wanted to do was conversational AI projects on a full-time basis. That’s where Fourcast & Valon (founder & head of business development, ed.) came in! I met him one year ago and we directly got a match. 

When I heard that Fourcast was looking for someone active in Conversational & Voice AI, I directly understood that this was my opportunity. This team of very talented people, this start-up mindset, this Google partnership. I knew that I couldn’t miss this!

Best about Google?

What I actually love about Google and Google technology is their ease of use and the smooth Customer Experience they offer. From a personal point of view, I’ve been an early adopter of G Suite.

Later on, I also learned how to use Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager and Google Dialogflow,  and I always came up with the same statement: these products are insanely easy to use. User Experience first! I love this mindset and try to apply it every day of my life.

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