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Chrome for Work blog series #3: digital signage

Imagine you have monitors / screens in all your stores or offices. On these screens you can display specific commercials to drive sales of certain products or just content to inform your colleagues.

Imagine you can change the content whenever you want to quickly react to changes in the market, in all your stores and offices at the same time. Would be awesome right?

That’s all possible with Chrome OS. The only thing you need is Chromebit or Chromebox that you can plug in in a screen, a Chrome management license and of course the monitor.

With Chrome OS digital signage is made simple because you can manage all your monitors from anywhere. No more configuring each screen separately in order to change the content.

Why should you even care about digital signage?

  1. Drive sales: With digital signage you can easily react to sudden changes in the market to change your promotions and displays.
  2. Save time: Stop sending around emails telling people that they have to print and hang posters or stop configuring each individual monitor to change the content. Just push the new content in a couple of seconds.
  3. More dynamic: If you’re still using print, digital signage can be more dynamic because you can play video’s, add sound, and display different types content on one screen.
  4. Environmental friendly: If you’re still using print and posters, digital signage will definitely be more environmental friendly – no brainer.

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