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Data at scale with Devoteam’s Data Foundations

Have you ever wondered what a skyscraper and data have in common? A rock-solid foundation. Devoteam's Data Foundation helps you by combining all the experience of our experts worldwide into one simple-to-use solution.

Google Cloud

Picture the most impressive skyscraper you ever saw. Ever wondered how the architect was able to pull this off? Creativity and hard work had something to do with it but it only gets you that far. The true marvel of a skyscraper lies invisible below its surface: a rock-solid foundation.

Data Foundations

IT projects are not different from construction sites. If you want your design to handle the growth and volume, you have to lay a strong foundation to build upon. That is why Devoteam created a BigQuery-oriented Data Foundation based on the best tooling and industry standards. So you can focus on what matters most for your business.

  1. Time to insight: The time to first insight is important to get people on board. The sooner you get that first dashboard or AI model out, the more buy-in you will get from your colleagues. For this reason, you can roll out Devoteam’s Data Foundation on the first day of the project. As a result, you can show off your first dashboard on week 1. 
  2. Customisable: Every company, team and project is different, so let’s adapt to your needs. Are you a big fan of open-source and DBT? Or do you prefer native Google Cloud integration with Dataform? Let’s figure out what works best in your situation, from Data Ingestion to Data Governance.
  3. End-to-end scalability: Great foundations work at any scale so you don’t hit sudden roadblocks every time new requests come in. Data Foundation uses Cloud Native solutions that scale up and down with your needs. 

Thanks to Devoteam’s Data Foundation we easily grew from zero to well over 500 data transformations and tests without changing our way of working.

  1. Code and data quality

A good data quality strategy allows your organisation to draw more valid conclusions from the data and make better decisions. Data Foundation provides ways to increase and track Data Quality out of the box.  

It brings CI/CD pipelines and integrated code checks to validate all new transformations. To make sure mistakes are caught as early as possible.

When the size of your data platform increases, it’s overwhelming to keep track of all your different data assets. To solve this, Data Foundation will verify added metadata for completeness and consistency across data assets.

Data Quality checks constantly run to help you keep track of the data quality of your data assets. The results of these tests are stored and examined to see how your data quality improves over time. While some tests are already accessible out of the box, Data Foundation allows you to add and update tests effortlessly and thus make sure you can deliver your specific use case.

  1. Opex & IP

As value comes from transforming and serving data, the cost of everything else is as low as possible. This is achieved by using serverless services and carefully analysing all available options that achieve the same goal. 

We saw that all implemented Security Practices, CI/CD pipelines, Orchestration and Documentation Hosting cost us less than €5 per month.

Because your data serves as the backbone of your company, we ensure you have the freedom to use it as you wish. For this reason, we will give you the symbolic key to the car once the deployment is done. You can inspect, modify or upgrade all code that forms Devoteam’s Data Foundation.

Simple-to-use solution

A foundation makes or breaks a great engineering project but is often hard to create without knowing all the involved factors. Devoteam’s Data Foundation helps you by combining all the experience of our experts worldwide into one simple-to-use solution.

Ready to save time and focus on your business? Discover Devoteam’s Data Foundation.