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Five reasons to implement an onboarding center right away

88% of employees are not satisfied with the way they were onboarded. Find out how to do better.

We have all been there! We have all felt lost, if just a little when facing the first day of a new job. 

Charlotte from HR gives you way too much information about paychecks, holidays and sick leaves. John from accounting has already reminded you three times not to miss any steps when invoicing. Julie from IT only presents three of the ten tools you will use on a day-to-day basis. I am not even going to mention all the names you have definitely had a hard time remembering. 

New joiners are likely to feel lost, companies should not overlook the onboarding process. Implementing solutions that will make onboarding easier for new joiners as well as for the company itself is the way to go. 

If you do not already agree with me on this, let’s take a moment to look at the numbers. 

  1. 88% of employees aren’t satisfied with their onboarding.
  1. 80% of new joiners decide to stay in the company within 6 months and those who go through the entire onboarding process have 58% more chance to stay.
  1. A good onboarding process can improve employee retention by 82%.
  1. Soliciting new joiners’ feedback improves your relationship with them by 91%.
  1. 70% of new joiners who had an exceptional onboarding experience say they have ‘the best possible job’.

Implementing an onboarding center with LumApps can be the perfect solution to make the onboarding process easier for both the company and new joiners.

1. An onboarding center is the perfect Swiss army knife

The onboarding center will give you the opportunity to assemble all the information new joiners need. 

Most companies focus on relaying administrative information and processes to new joiners. Within LumApps, you’ll be able to gather all of those but also structure them efficiently and facilitate the updating process. 

As onboarding is so much more than relaying documents, you would also be able to expand your horizons and add features that will guarantee a better onboarding approach: quick links catalogs, chat, communities, etc.

It centralizes all the different tools and solutions you have: it is the entry point for anyone who doesn’t know where to start.

2. An onboarding center is not just for new joiners

Obviously, your main target will always remain new joiners but onboarding processes do not just concern them. 

Some departments are actively onboarding new joiners: HR, finance, IT, internal communications, etc. They are responsible for informing to new joiners and for updating the information. LumApps gives you the opportunity to make them content owners. It guarantees the relevance of anything published. 

Managers can also take action and follow up on how the onboarding is going. 

Also, all employees can mentor new joiners and help them find their way in your company. An onboarding center is an amazing tool to connect. Creating communities is an easy thing to do with LumApps to connect anyone based on their jobs, interests, locations, etc.

3. An onboarding center will allow new joiners to give feedback: let them speak!

As we saw earlier, knowing that soliciting new joiners’ feedback improves your relationship with them by 91 %, why ever would you not ask them how everything is going?

Many tools can help you reach out to new joiners to know how the onboarding process is going. You could create specific chat groups or communities, add all the contacts they might need, forward surveys or even connect new joiners with mentors or specific HR employees HR to accompany them. 

So… Let them speak!

4. An onboarding center is so much more than a work-related tool

Working at a company involves more than daily tasks. Where do I eat every day? Are some team-building activities scheduled? Is there a company sports team? An onboarding center should highlight all of those and more. Help new joiners connect and exchange different topics and ideas. Allow them to share the whole experience. 

They might feel shy at first. Don’t worry! LumApps allow you to restrict communities (open to everyone, private, secret) so new joiners might feel even more comfortable talking. 

It is a very good opportunity for you to show what your company culture is and how fun it can be to work for you. My personal advice would be to make it all about food ?

Don’t forget to include all information related to coming events in the onboarding process. Knowing what you’ll do with your colleagues in the coming months is always motivating.

5. An onboarding center is the perfect tool to (re)evaluate how you welcome new joiners

Something to keep in mind as well is that one dedicated tool to onboard makes it easier to keep track of the entire process and evaluate its efficiency. 

It helps get an overall view of what it is to onboard new joiners. Too many documents to read and not enough events? Too many tools to know about and not enough HR information? 

As I said, it helps with getting feedback directly from new joiners but it can also help analyze how they react during the onboarding process.  What is the most consulted page, talked about topics and the events new joiners are excited about? LumApps Analytics can provide you with an overall or very specific view of any items you have published. 

The onboarding center will help you keep the process balanced and to adjust it if necessary. 

Connecting is what every new joiner wants when starting a new job. With the right digital tool, they are onboarded properly and they become perfect ambassadors for future recruits.

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