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Fourcast is born

bij_google_fourcast is bornA couple of months ago, we, four guys of which three young and one a tiny bit older, came together with the idea of starting up our own business.

Full of energy we decided to quit our jobs and started to build our dreams: Fourcast was born.

Note: Flashback! This is the very first blog post of Fourcast ever, written right after the company was founded. Check out the rest of our blog to see more recent posts.

Admitted, not everyone thought this was a great idea.
How the hell did we think to survive in today’s business world by starting up our own business with only 4 guys and a couple of years of experience under our belts?

You know, experience is a great thing, but it’s not everything. Companies all have 1 thing in common: they started small, but dreamed big. It’s no different for our company.

With all the new technologies coming along, being creative, innovative, and passionate is at least as valuable as experience if you have the right skills in house. We all gave up our comfortable, great job at a multinational because we really believe we can make the difference.

We immediately knew what we wanted to do: we want to transform all sorts of businesses by introducing them to a new, fresh way of working, using Google for Work solutions. But that’s not all, we also want to build our own innovative solutions to create a better world. We quickly came together to brainstorm about potential new solutions that we could scale all over the world. More information on that coming soon on this blog 🙂

Can technology really transform an entire business?
First of all, when thinking about business transformation, everyone thinks something different. In fact, it can have several different meanings, it’s just the way you look at it.

In our case business transformation means enabling people to collaborate and communicate better, leveraging cloud and mobile solutions and enabling a new culture of work. With unique change management methodologies we make sure that the mindset of the employees shifts, departmental silos and country borders disappear, and the entire company works together in a more efficient way to enhance the current products and services and even create new ones.

Meet the musketeers of Fourcast
As you will read below, we have a pretty diverse team 🙂

Jeremy Bonnevalle
Marketer & Business Developer
Loves having fun by playing tennis & indoor soccer, travelling, and helping others in different ways.

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Tommy Peters
Pre-Sales Engineer & Technical Architect
Combining an addiction to change and a pursuit of personal dreams results in a powerhouse of possibilities.

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Niels Buekers
Pre-Sales Engineer & Technical Cowboy

Bitten by personal development and Lifestyle changes driven by technology. Diagnosed with ADD – Adventure Deficit Disorder.

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Valon Rexhepi
Business Developer & Change Manager
Proudly invented the quote: “Without action, everything is theory.” I’m the old guy to whom the 3 younger ones refer to ;-).

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