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Gemini for Google Workspace: The boost your sales team needs to shine

In the fast-paced world of sales, where every minute counts, having tools that boost productivity and simplify daily tasks is essential. Gemini for Google Workspace (previously Duet AI), integrated with Google Workspace, is the key to a more efficient day and exceptional results. Discover how each Gemini for Google Workspace feature becomes your strategic ally to maximise your performance and exceed your sales goals.

1. Give presentations a personal touch:

Now in Google Slides with Gemini for Google Workspace you can turn a standard presentation into a captivating visual experience. From elegant backgrounds to dynamic graphics, your sales team will leave a professional impression with every presentation.

This allows you to simplify your team’s time greatly, allowing them to spend more time on content and strategy.

2. Simplify the creation of detailed sales reports:

Gemini for Google Workspace will transform the way you create reports in Google Sheets. Calculate margins and profits with ease, allowing your team to focus on data interpretation and strategic decision making.

3.Speed up the development of strategic proposals:

With Gemini for Google Workspace, creating proposals in Google Docs becomes an efficient process. Add key points and watch how Gemini streamlines the workflow, allowing you to close deals faster.

The ability to easily insert key points means less time wasted on operational details and more time spent customizing proposals that make an impact for the client.

4. Smart Chips for intuitive proposals:

Gemini for Google Workspace makes proposals even easier to understand with Smart Chips. By simply adding a few key points to Google Docs, you can see how artificial intelligence automatically organizes the information. Let your team focus on the essence of the message, without wasting time on formatting details.

5. Impactful and persuasive emails:

Gmail becomes your best ally with Gemini for Google Workspace. From wording to personalisation, the options of this Google Workspace add-on allow you to create emails that will impress your customers. Every word counts, and Gemini for Google Workspace helps you perfect them!

The ability to personalize emails efficiently means less time spent on copywriting and more time to build effective customer relationships.

6. Stay productive no matter where you are.

When you’re out of the office, use Gemini for Google Workspace in Gmail to respond quickly and professionally from your mobile device. Set convenient times and use Gemini for Google Workspace options to make sure every response is flawless.

Responding quickly from mobile devices allows your team to stay productive no matter where they are, optimizing communication with customers.

In short, Gemini for Google Workspace stands as an essential tool for optimizing your sales team’s day-to-day tasks. From efficiently generating presentations to writing persuasive emails, Gemini simplifies processes, allowing your team to focus on what really matters: closing business.

Its mobile versatility ensures that productivity never stands still, giving your team the ability to respond quickly, making a difference in a dynamic marketplace. In short, adopting Gemini for Google Workspace is not only a smart choice, it’s the key to transforming and empowering your sales strategy.

Let Devoteam help you make technology your ally, and boost efficiency in your sales operations.

Discover with Gemini for Google Workspace a world of possibilities to boost your sales and engage your customers.