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Google Cloud Platform’s new region in Finland

Google opened its sixteenth GCP region in Finland. Why is it good news for our customers and what makes the Hamina data centre unique?

1. Speed

Customers hosting applications in the new region will notice improved latencies. The change is significant: by even 65% for end users in the Nordics, and by up to 88% for customers from Eastern Europe (source).

2. Sustainability

Google equipped its Hamina centre with the state of the art cooling system. The innovative, unique solution uses sea water and dramatically reduces energy use – this means that your workloads are environmentally friendly (source).


3. Substantial impact on the local economy

Copenhagen Economics announced that Hamina data centre investments already (years 2009-2015) created a EUR 660 m effect on the Finnish economy. And this is just a beginning. Hamina’s impact can reach EUR 2.3 bn and 33,000 jobs in 2025 (source).

4. … and it has a sauna.

While every Google data centre is unique in its own way, only the Hamina facilities have a sauna (source).