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Google Cloud: Serbia Launch

Exciting plans are in the mix for Google Cloud business. We’ve recently launched the Google Cloud offer under the Devoteam G Cloud brand in Serbia.

This launch comes as the natural next step in the global strategic partnership between Google Cloud and Devoteam to be developed in all relevant entities of the Devoteam Group.

We in Serbia are particularly happy to be the pioneers, considering that Serbia is seen as a relatively green-field market for Google and Cloud Transformation in general.”

– Stevan Ognjenovic,
Devoteam Serbia Managing Director


Google Cloud will depend on the local partners in Serbia to work in the foreground directly with customers and guide them through their cloud journeys with the support of Google experts in the background. 

As a rapidly growing market, this investment will stimulate opportunities for work for IT professionals in DevOps, SecOps, Sys Ops, Cloud Transformation, Data &AI, IaC, etc. 

Since Serbia presents a new market in which Devoteam already has an established position, the Google Cloud offers have been selected based on the best identifiable matches for the current state of the market. As the market matures, new workloads and offers will be introduced. The first three workloads will be:

  • Infrastructure modernisation
    • Lift & Improve
    • Anthos
  • Data & AI Solutions
  • Workspace

The next phase for Devoteam G Cloud Serbia will be a series of webinars and events to establish brand awareness and address any doubts or questions customers may have. 

With 10+ years of experience as a Google Cloud, MSP and Premier Partner, our goal is to become the benchmark Google Cloud partner in Serbia. 

This news emerges on the cusp of Devoteam’s latest ambition: to generate 1 Billion euros of accumulated sales(1) with Google Cloud by 2024.

Devoteam has over 2,300 customers in 18 countries making Devoteam G Cloud a global leader in Google Cloud technologies.

This new initiative supports our goal of becoming the #1 Google Cloud partner in EMEA. 

Devoteam has proudly assisted over 1 million users in their migration to Google Workspace. This new deal will allow Devoteam to deliver even better support to its +2000 customers in 18 markets across EMEA.

1 Order entries before IFRS 15 restatement

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