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Happy Birthday Google Chrome: This is why I love Chrome User Profiles

Google Chrome just celebrated its 10th birthday last week. For a browser not that old, I already couldn’t imagine a world without Chrome. It has a lot of advantages, not the least to boost my productivity during a workday. But one feature that I particularly love, one that got an update in honour of the birthday celebration, is Chrome User Profiles. Below I’ll explain you why.

A Chrome User Profile allows you to manage all your browser details for each account. With details I mean all your apps, extensions, settings, browser history, bookmarks, saved passwords, themes, and the opening of tabs to a specific account. The profiles launch as separate Chrome windows and only will use the details for this particular profile. This way you can easily manage your preferences for work, school, private or hobby accounts through one single browser.

That’s not all!

As you link these preferences with your Google account, it’s synchronised to Google servers. Any change you make on one device is instantly applied anywhere else if you use the same user profile.

Happy birthday Google Chrome

Chrome turned 10 last week which goes hand in hand which a lot of new functionalities. One of these is the fresh new look of Chrome and the user profile. Where before you could see your name in the top left corner, this has now been replaced with your favicon. So it’s the same image that appears on your desktop shortcut (on your Chromebook).

Next to the layout improvements, three additional functionalities are now visible from within your profile. Manage your passwords linked with your account, store payment methods and even save interesting addresses. A more detailed overview of these new functionalities can be found here.

Google managed to improve the Chrome browser significantly, which makes it even more interesting to use not only for private browsing, but certainly also for work. I’m already looking forward to what the coming years will bring for Chrome!