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LumApps, the answer to today’s intranet needs

Today’s digital workplace demands a modern intranet experience with advanced technology to help drive communication, collaboration, and engagement among remote workers. In our previous blog we talked about the different intranet pain points we come across nowadays. In this blog, we want to introduce you to the vision of LumApps and how it provides an answer to the needs of today’s workforce. If you want to find out more about what the benefits of an intranet are, this is the article to read. 

The dynamics of the employment landscape are evolving rapidly as millennials and Gen Z flood into the workforce with new workplace expectations. This results in more demands for company intranets and fundamental changes in the requirements of this intranet. 

Haven’t read our previous blog yet in which we talked about the different intranet pain points we come across nowadays? Read it here. 

Find out how your organisation could benefit from a digital workplace supported by a LumApps company intranet. 

What is LumApps?

lumappsLumApps is a social intranet that aims to be the one-stop-shop for today’s workforce. It’s the entry point to find the information and applications you need, collaborate with peers, and get stuff done. LumApps’s vision is not to replace applications that are part of your existing productivity suite (O365 or G Suite) or IT stack, but rather surface these applications in the right context on the intranet.

In short, it’s an intranet that organises top-down communication and procedures, real-time communications, documents, and business applications in a profiled way and then notifies the right people wherever they want to be notified so that they are kept up to date.

How it solves the current pain points for the end users

A modern look & feel

When it comes to your intranet, the look and feel speak volumes to your employees! LumApps uses all the latest technologies to allow for a modern look & feel. Its WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) also allows non-technical people to completely design the intranet.

The intranet can be completely designed with the company’s colors, logos, imagery, and general aesthetic because it’s all integrated into the intranet. That way there is instant familiarity with the company brand, which helps to excel intranet adoption.

Designing your intranet is very easy!

A company implementing this intranet also has 100% control over the look & feel of the intranet.

Social components at the core of LumApps

LumApps has the social component embedded in every aspect of the platform. For news or knowledge articles, simply activate the ability to like and comment on that specific page. This encourages interaction and has a positive effect on the engagement of the employees. 

LumApps also has a native community component that stimulates peer-to-peer communication, which works a bit like a closed Facebook group. The intranet empowers your employees by participating in the global enterprise by creating their content in dedicated communities.
In every community you can have a dedicated folder (Sharepoint or Google Drive) attached to it or even a dedicated calendar and much more.

LumApps communities

Native mobile application

It’s very important for your intranet to be accessible on a smartphone since that’s where most of the content is being consumed. LumApps has created a native IOS and Android application, which can be tailored to your branding guidelines.

Accessible via data

The mobile intranet features:

  • In-app branding: add your logo and branding colors
  • News streams: read personalised news streams
  • Communities: browse communities and post updates from your smartphone
  • Notifications: configure your notifications 
  • Search: find articles and posts on the mobile app

A personalised intranet

Your employee buys some household items after a reminder from Amazon, uses Google Maps on the way to the office to check traffic, and receives 7 push notification from their social media channels. People need to consume an enormous amount of data nowadays. That’s why they quickly need to filter out what’s relevant to them or not. Digital experiences are completely personalised for your employees and this should be the same for your corporate intranet.

If your intranet is not tailored to the person, the person will turn off and the adoption rate will be low.

With the intranet you can personalise news, pages, applications, widgets based on Active Directory or Google groups.

Personalized content

Your intranet will appeal attractive and compelling to the end user because there’s some essence of personalisation in it. 

Efficient 360°search

The search functionality is an important part of the intranet. LumApps has a search engine that searches through the entire intranet, the employee directory, the productivity suite, and potentially also third party applications.

It then allows you to further filter based on the content type so that people can rapidly find the information they are looking for. The search can find anything in LumApps (pages, articles, media, communities, posts, users) and in Google Drive.

Here’s an overview of the search features of this 360° search

  • Results are ordered by level of relevance and by date
  • Option to display results by modification date
  • One tab by type of content 
  • Additional filters available 
  • Consistent with users rights and permissions 

Fully integrated with Office 365 and Google Workspace

Your Office 365 or Google Workspace environment will play a crucial role in your digital workplace. That’s why it’s important to capitalise on this investment, use these tools in your intranet and even boost the adoption of your productivity suite.

LumApps is therefore fully integrated with O365 and Google Workspace.

Office 365

LumApps provides seamless access to the entire Office 365 suite. From accessing files in OneDrive and SharePoint, to sharing posts on Teams, the intranet lets you do it all from the intranet.

Let’s take a closer look at different uses cases:


Use case

Azure Active Directory

Create and delete users 

Azure Active Directory

Create user directory and organisation charts

Azure Active Directory

Create, update and delete groups 


Surface KPIs on a page

Sharepoint Online

Surface a Sharepoint Online site on a page


Surface a person’s OneDrive or document on a page


Surface a Teams Channel on a page


Surface a Yammer Group on a page


Surface a Stream on a page


Surface a person’s mailbox 


Surface a person’s calendar or a team calendar on a page


Surface a person’s tasks on a page


Surface popular documents on a page

Google Workspace

LumApps boosts the value and usage of Google Workspace for all employees! It’s built on Google Cloud Platform meeting the highest standards of cloud security and compliance.

Let’s take a closer look at different uses cases:


Use case

Google Cloud Identity

Create user directory and organisation chart

Google Groups

Create, update and delete groups

Data Studio

Surface KPIs on a page

Google Drive

Surface a Shared Drive, a Drive folder on a page

Google Drive

Surface a person’s Google Drive or document on a page

Google Chat

Click to Chat on the person’s profile


Surface a person’s mailbox on a page


Surface a person’s calendar or a team calendar on a page

Application launcher

LumApps offers the ability to create an application library, which can be tailored to the profile of the user based on groups. The user can also add his applications if he wants to.

Application Launcher

Employee calendars, an invitation system, company policies, meeting minutes, and more are all easily accessible.

How it solves the current pain points for the intranet managers

The adoption of the intranet is high

LumApps solves all of the employee pain points and therefore has a higher chance to achieve a high adoption rate. The intranet is the central knowledge hub for the employees. The information isn’t spread elsewhere and documents, data, and resources are kept up to date on the intranet platform. 

The intranet is the go-to place for the latest data and organisations information, it has easy navigation and clear search results. 

Analytics platform

Like any other platform, LumApps can connect to Google Analytics. This doesn’t surface intranet KPIs and that’s why LumApps has built its analytics platform, which is included in the platform. This tracks standard KPIs and allows an organisation to further analyse the data based on specific user groups. This way you can analyse the performance of each user group.

Platform dashboard

Managed by the internal communication team

LumApps’ content management system is a WYSISWYG. This empowers the internal communications team to make changes to the platform when they want to.

100% autonomous

Internal communication managers can administrate the intranet, add content, or publish news without any technical knowledge. They can also follow the adoption of the platform with analytics. 

Business Contributors

Create as many roles as you want to give permissions to specific workers who will be able to add content. 

Ability to reach frontline workers

It’s extremely important to engage everyone in your company, and therefore also frontline workers. LumApps offers the ability to connect people that are not listed in your Active Directory, with its built-in user management system.

Connect & inform them 

Frontline workers need to access knowledge to provide services and perform daily tasks. With the intranet you can connect with them for better decision-making! Well-informed employees will positively impact the customer experience.


As conclusion we can say that LumApps solves the intranet pain points that were explained in our previous blog post, and that’s why it’s widely being adopted by small, medium, and also very large businesses. By choosing LumApps, you’re immediately providing a more productive and innovative workplace for your end users. Your employees can work from any device, anywhere and anytime they want. 

This LumApps 2.0 Intranet encourages collaboration, rather than just communication. It allows a company to become a digital workplace. 

Interested and want to know more? Are you ready to rethink your intranet as a powerful tool to connect all your employees? LumApps is your solution! 

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