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New Google Cloud Talent Alert: welcome Rik

Our team of technical Google Cloud experts keeps on growing. We’re happy to introduce you to our new Google Cloud Engineer team member: Rik Pauwels! Discover who he is & what he likes in life. Read his introduction in this blog post.

Rik Pauwels
Short Bio

Hey everyone, my name is Rik Pauwels, and I am joining Fourcast by Devoteam as Google Cloud Engineer. I recently graduated from KU Leuven so this year will be extra exciting for me since it is my first year ‘on the job’.

In my spare time I like to play basketball or go on some trips with my racing bike. During the summer I like to go on exciting trips with my friends or to volunteer at one of the many trips Kazou organises for kids.

Why Fourcast by Devoteam?

In the search for my first job I contacted a lot of companies but once I discovered Fourcast by Devoteam I knew that this was a project I wanted to be a part of. The people at Fourcast by Devoteam are really open and are truly concerned about what you like to do and what you want to learn.

I honestly always thought that going to work was dull and boring but Fourcast by Devoteam really proved me otherwise!

Best about Google?

I personally like to learn new technologies by playing with it and with Google tech this is always possible. Their dashboards are clean, and they make sure developers have enough training material. 

What I also like about Google is that they have a broad portfolio of apps which are all easily connectable so that you can quickly make custom solutions that truly make your life easier.

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