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New in our Google Cloud engineering team: Welcome Tristan

As Fourcast keeps on growing, it’s important for us to get new technical talent on board to deliver the highest quality to our customers. That’s why we’re continuously expanding our team of Google Cloud Engineers. Recently we were able to welcome Tristan Van Thielen in the Google Cloud platform team: welcome Tristan! Here goes his introduction.

Tristan Van Thielen Google Cloud Engineer Fourcast

Short Bio

Hi! I’m Tristan. I just started working at Fourcast as a Google Cloud Engineer after graduating at KU Leuven. My main interests lie in the fields of machine learning and AI.

In my spare time I enjoy cycling and running. I’m also a bit of a board game geek! Whenever I get the chance, I like to jump on stage as lead guitarist in an amateur rock band. Every Sunday I take up the role of group leader in scouting. I’ve been in scouting for 17 years and it has made me enjoy being outdoors a great deal. I love to travel and have a passion for good food.

Why Fourcast?

The last year of my master was filled with job fairs, company events and other opportunities to get to know companies. For me, my main focus was to find a place where I could grow my technical skills further and have fun while doing so. When I first talked to someone working at Fourcast, I noticed that they follow that philosophy as well.

This is why I chose to apply for a job at Fourcast! After visiting the offices, I was completely sold. To me Fourcast is a dynamic, young company where everyone is encouraged to learn. Having fun is a big part of the mentality. This makes going to work fun and engaging!

Best about Google?

Google is not just known for having easy to use, well designed software available to the everyday user. With a main interest in AI, what makes me very excited is to be able to work with the cutting edge machine learning models developed by Google! Having this incredible power just ready and easy to use is amazing.

Google has also been contributing heavily to the Open Source community. Kubernetes and Tensorflow are both examples of a general trend that can only be encouraged. This way of working helps everyone go forward as we can all learn and build on these existing technologies.

I believe Google cloud has the power to help companies grow and I am happy to contribute to that!

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