Newly arrived in the workplace team: Welcome Tobias!

by Fourcast by Devoteam, on Apr 3, 2019 10:01:24 AM

Tobias Fourcast

New talent just joined our digital workplace team, as we welcomed new change manager Tobias Vander Stockt this week at Fourcast. A warm welcome, Tobias! Time for an introduction: 

Short Bio

Hi, I’m Tobias, Fourcast’s newest Change Management Consultant! Prior to Fourcast, I was working as a buyer/expert partnerships at the Flemish employment service, the VDAB.

As a passionate cyclist, I spend a lot of my free time trying to tame the Belgian cobbles and hills together with my friends of À Bloc Cycling Team. For me, it’s the best way to free up headspace, feed my competitive urge and stay healthy! I’m also pursuing a culinary degree and quite enjoy travelling.

Why Fourcast?

After graduating as a history major, I quickly decided to - quite literally - let go of the past and aim for a career in the IT sector. Deeply brainwashed by my older brother, a passionate Googler, I’ve always felt a close affinity to the company and its tools and products. So when premier partner Fourcast posted this interesting job offering, I didn’t hesitate a moment to go for it!

When stepping into the office for my first interview, It only took me a split second to realise that this was were I wanted to work. I instantly felt at home in this dynamic, fun environment that just breathes ‘work hard, play hard’. As a starter I also strongly believe in Fourcast’s philosophy of constant personal development. Getting the opportunity to constantly learn and grow is incredibly valuable.

Best about Google?

Well, it just looks good and simply feels so natural. Before starting at Fourcast, I already was passionately advocating G Suite apps, as they are the most intuitive and efficient way to work and collaborate. Finally, no more confusion about which documents are most up to date in an endless email chain…

Of course, Google is WAY more than just G Suite, so I’m really looking forward to learn and gain expertise. Let’s do this!

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