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Devoteam Cloud Services and Partner to Present an Innovative Work Management Platform. The partnership will provide better resources to tackle team management. logoDevoteam Cloud Services, a cloud solutions partner, and, a customisable work operating system, today announced an extension of their partnership to help organisations with team management. This new partnership expands the companies’ collaborative work into Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, where has a user base of more than 3,000 customers. is a Work Operating System (Work OS) that allows teams to create applications to plan and execute tasks; track processes; manage projects, and monitor operations, giving users a broader vision and more control of all stages of production.

monday.com_in_action’s Work OS creates endless possibilities for organisations to break down and rebuild any work process so it fits a specific need — leading to enhanced efficiency through task automation, and more time to focus on important, creative work.

“Partnering with, which delivers intuitive work OS solutions, was a natural decision for us and a clear message that Devoteam Cloud Services, already a leader in innovating contemporary workplaces, is constantly developing our offer to set the market’s future standards,” said Ola Persson, CEO of Devoteam Cloud Services.

Today, working remotely has become a necessity that all companies must take on. is a platform that helps facilitate this work — providing the necessary tools to monitor your teams’ output; create custom workflows that are tailored to what each company needs, and make the way of working remotely more efficient.

Together, Devoteam Cloud Services and will deliver an ideal solution for Devoteam Cloud Services customers who seek an intuitive platform for team and product management.

“Our partnership with Devoteam Cloud Services is an important step in’s growth in Europe, especially the Nordic countries,” said Oren Stern, VP Partnerships and Alliances,

“We’re excited to continue working with a well-known partner like Devoteam Cloud Services who enables us to implement the platform and support local customers. We’ve invested in localising our offering, including translation of the platform to Swedish, local currency support, customised onboarding, content creation, and more much.”

With our partnership with Devoteam Cloud Services we aim to provide tailored solutions to teams hoping to make an impact, solve problems faster, instantly adapt, and continually improve, especially as we enter a new remote work reality.”