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Relieving data engineers of their maintenance tasks with Managed data services

Efficient data management is essential yet challenging for many data teams. Devoteam's Managed Data Services emerge as a remedy, unburdening data engineers from maintenance tasks and freeing them to drive innovation. By ensuring seamless data operations, this solution not only eases frustrations but also empowers teams to refocus on creating additional insights and leaving behind the headaches of maintenance.

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, data reigns, helping everyone to make strategic decisions. However, the complexities of effective day-to-day data management are a huge challenge for numerous data teams, resulting in frustration, delays, and missing possibilities. 

Data teams are balancing between creating and maintaining 

The business has high expectations for its data teams. The backlog is ever-growing:

new dashboards to gain financial insights, customer segmentation, personalised recommendations, predictive analytics, chatbots & assistants, content optimisation & generation, pricing optimisation… The list can keep going. The reality is that delivering data use cases requires more time than the business assumes. As a result, the business is frustrated about the delivery time of data teams.

But data teams are more than just makers – they’re also the ones keeping the data lights on. They create and maintain things like tables, views, connection configurations, updating and optimising queries, and more. Being good at these upkeep tasks takes up a lot of time, which doesn’t leave much space for new ideas and cool ways to use data. And this tight schedule makes business folks even more frustrated. 

Data teams are more than just makers – they’re also the ones keeping the data lights on. That maintenance is consuming a significant amount of time. But your data engineers should be free to focus on their true goals: delivering insights for the business.

Devoteam’s Managed Data Services are there so you can focus on adding value

In response to this problem, Devoteam G Cloud introduces Managed Data Services – an offering designed to empower data teams, boost operational excellence, and ensure flawless data operations from end to end. 

How does it work? Devoteam offloads your data teams by handling run activities & implementing corrections and improvements – making sure everything runs smoothly. 

  • Maintenance of the data platform infrastructure based on GCP services
  • Ensuring the expected functioning of your data architecture  every step of the way, from ingestion to integration
  • Managing data access & usability of Looker and PowerBI dashboards plugged into a BigQuery data warehouse

By entrusting routine operational tasks to Devoteam’s Managed Data Services, the burden of maintenance is lifted. Your data engineers are free to focus on their true goals – delivering insights for the business. Empowered with newfound time and resources, your data teams can again develop dashboards, machine-learning models, architect sophisticated data marts etc.

Tired of wrestling with complex data maintenance?

Devoteam’s Managed Data Services are here to rescue your data teams from frustration. Say goodbye to the headaches of data maintenance and get on the boat of data innovation.