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Sandvik’s story in ComputerSweden

Sandvik, an engineering group in tooling, materials technology, mining and construction, started using cloud technology in the metalworking part of their business. ComputerSweden describes Sandvik’s usage of Google Cloud Platform, in a project developed with Devoteam G Cloud.

Metalworking in the cloud – how Sandvik cut down programming time by 94% 

Cloud technology changes the way industries work in many ways.

Sandvik’s innovation company Sandvik Applied Manufacturing Technologies, together with Google Cloud and its partner Avalon, developed a solution allowing manufacturing companies to program their metalworking machines for the simpler components that make up the majority of all metal production.

Hugo Nordell, who runs the Center of Digital Excellence at Sandvik, says that using cloud technology allowed the company to reduce programming time by up to 94 percent.

“For us, digitization is just another set of tools that can make production better, although a lot of sophisticated technology is hidden in the background. A service can be based on AI or machine learning, but we do not talk to the customer about it, but we talk more about the KPIs that customers control their production with”, says Nordell.

Traditionally, only the largest companies have been able to use software in their production, but the cloud is a great opportunity to change how we work. The cloud has been a prerequisite for the maturation of industry.

We have gone from an idea to production in seven months. It would be fast even for the customer market, but with industrial measures it is very fast. The average for industry usually lasts three to four years.

– Hugo Nordell, VP Center of Digital Excellence, Sandvik


“We are proud to have gained trust from Sandvik to participate in this project and we think this is just the beginning of a shift that has begun and is very important for the Swedish industry, and for its competitiveness.”

– Alexander Popovic, VP Sales Sweden and Norway, Avalon by Devoteam

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