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So You’ve Moved Your SAP to GCP. What Now?

Whether you were thinking of moving to the cloud or interested in knowing more about your SAP on GCP journey, this article is for you.

Why Move SAP to the Cloud?

According to one of Devoteam’s customers, it boils down to a mix of three things for most companies.

  1. Compliance — GCP provides a compliant-safe environment to run your SAP workloads and business processes.
  2. Data Analysis — all your valuable data in SAP can be analysed and presented with clear insights to provide value. GCP offers BigQuery’s AI&ML competencies to provide full data analysis and SAP automation.
  3. Security — Google invests more than two billion dollars a year in their security protocols to ensure the workloads provided to customers are secure and continuously available.

What happens when you move your SAP to GCP? 

Upon relocating your organisation’s SAP workloads to GCP, you’ll soon benefit from a reduction in initial costs allocated for data storage, data recovery and 99.99% availability of your IT infrastructure. 

Beyond the benefits to your SAP workloads, GCP promises a robust cloud infrastructure that allows you to monetise the benefits of the cloud for much more beyond your SAP setup. Use the power of BigQuery to analyse combined data from SAP and other data sources. 

Leverage the ML capabilities of GCP to inform your decision-making with improved and intelligent insights gathered from data analytics and better visualisation. 

Overall Business Benefits 

GCP provides a robust platform for the integration of your existing and new applications in the cloud. GCP’s advanced AI features and search engines lend visualisation to a broader set of data than SAP alone can provide. This translates to a better business speed for not just your SAP workloads but other processes in your business. 

Google’s infrastructure elevates SAP into a comfortable environment for your company and leads to a better experience for your customers. 

Democratization of Data

Every company is overflowing with data from every angle.

The fewer limits your SAP data has, the more powerful it can be. By making your digital information accessible to all without the involvement of a technical user, your company can truly leverage the power of your data. Democratization of your SAP data arms your employees with the necessary tools they need to make smarter decisions and provide better customer experiences.

Beyond the customer experience, GCP’s real-time  smart data analysis in tandem with your SAP workloads allows your company to monetise your data, better analyse your market and stay ahead of your competition.

Cultural Change 

Presenting your workforce with the new and innovative technology of the Google Cloud platform can inspire positive changes.

Once employees are accustomed to operating more efficiently in the cloud with SAP, they will likely come to expect this elevated way of working across the board. 

GCP utilises the top-quality technologies of Google. Delivers first-class service and tools to customers and encourages you to seek the best in other processes. An optimal outcome as GCP enables smooth enterprise-wide integration with well-known office apps, so that the overall business can progress collectively.

With your SAP workloads running on GCP infrastructure, your company is already well on its way to transforming into a data-driven organisation with broader insights and a new foundation for decision-making.

Moreover, have access to all data and information on any device and anywhere. GCP allows you to stay on top of all SAP processes, regardless of if you are in the office, on or off-site, travelling, or with your customers.


Google Cloud’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) protocols guarantee the most fortified levels of safety guarding your SAP data. With this, you can control which users have access to different datasets and resources. Beyond access, permission configuration can also be managed for each user, and Google Cloud enlists a ‘least privilege’ principle for basic resource access that can be changed by use case. 

Additionally, heavy focus is placed on authentication and log-in abuse protection regarding its access management strategy. 

Google’s data storage policy of encryption during transit and at rest further fortifies SAP workloads on GCP.  

For companies that are considered leaders in their respective fields, staying on top equates to having a reliable and flexible infrastructure that scales efficiently to fit the needs of the business.

We have multiple projects that are coming soon. All the new projects we are thinking about are based on the latest technologies and rely on utilising the same architecture and infrastructure that Google has provided us with. GCP technology supplies various options to create concepts and different scenarios for projects in the pipeline. 

Joan Sistach, CIO/CTO, Galencium

The bottom line is; once you have moved your SAP to GCP, you will develop a boosted way of working, collaborating better and elevating your overall business objectives. Upon migrating your SAP to GCP, a domino effect occurs, requiring processes beyond SAP to be equally elevated.   

You may wonder how you conducted business before, without the capabilities in the technology that GCP offers.  You will use BigQuery’s artificial intelligence to leverage the true power of your data and make better business decisions.  

Ready to step into the world of SAP on GCP and all the business opportunities that come with it? 

Reach out to the experts and rest assured the success of your business is in capable hands.