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Team-up, Code, and Win in The G Hackathon Race!

Are you a coding enthusiast looking to get to know or prove your expertise in Google Cloud and win a cash prize of €2,500? Then look no further than the G Hack!

Ps: No Expertise Required – Just Bring Your Team, Passion & Competitive Spirit!

G Hack Hackathon | The Race

This in-person Hackathon is being organized in seven countries, with one winner per country, and offers a range of exciting challenges in Networking, Kubernetes, DevOps, ML, Data, and Serverless. And the best part? It’s completely free to participate!

So grab your coding buddies, register your attendance with a Google account, and get ready for a night of coding, pizza, beer, and a chance to win big!

G Hack: The Ultimate Hackathon for Data, Cloud, and ML Enthusiasts

The G Hack is an in-person Hackathon, held in seven countries: Belgium, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, and Portugal. The goal of the G Hack is to solve five Google Cloud challenges in Networking, Kubernetes, DevOps, ML, Data, Serverless, and compete for the prize of €2,500.

In small teams of two to three coders, you can choose which challenges you want to solve to reach the maximum amount of points. Every challenge is worth up to ten points.

Jason Quek

The challenges presented in the G Hack Race are designed to push you beyond your comfort zone and inspire you to think outside the box. It’s a great brain teaser and the perfect way to learn or even master Google Cloud technologies.

6 Reasons to Join the G Hack Hackathon

  1. Get hands-on experience

By participating in the G Hack, you will gain hands-on experience in solving real-world challenges in the field of Google Cloud. You will be able to apply the skills and knowledge you have learned in a practical setting, which can be a valuable addition to your resume.

2. Win a Cash Prize of €2,500

The winning team of the G Hack will go home with a cash prize of €2,500. There will be one winning team in every country. Even if you don’t finish in first place, you will still go home with a consolation prize. So not only will you be able to demonstrate your expertise in Google Cloud, but you will also have the chance to win.

3. Show and Expand Your Google Cloud Skills

The G Hack is the perfect opportunity for you to not only demonstrate your current Google Cloud skills and knowledge, but also to acquire new ones. 

4. Meet and greet Google experts
The G Hack is not just a competition, but also a great opportunity to meet and network with Google experts. You will be able to connect with experts in the field and learn more about Google Cloud. The event will be a great opportunity to make new contacts, share ideas, and collaborate with other professionals.

5. Free participation

Participation in the G Hack is completely free of charge. You only need to invest your time and energy to participate in the event. 

6. Networking opportunity

The G Hack is not just about winning prizes, eating pizza & drinking beer at the chill station and demonstrating your skills; it is also a great opportunity to network with other like-minded professionals. You will be able to meet other Data Engineers, Cloud Engineers, ML Engineers, and Data Scientists, who are also passionate about Google Cloud. 

Jason Quek

The G Hack is more than just a competition – it’s an opportunity to join a community of passionate problem solvers, all striving to innovate and find cutting-edge solutions on Google Cloud. By participating in the G Hack, you’ll be challenged to think outside the box and put your problem-solving abilities to the test!

Get Prepared for the G Hack with Google Cloud Skills Boost & Gain 5 Extra Points!

Preparing in advance can give you an edge in the G Hack. Fortunately, you can practice and gain up to 5 extra points by registering for the Google Cloud Skills Boost. This program offers comprehensive training, including hands-on labs that provide real-world experience with Google Cloud. 

  1. With a 30-day no-cost trial, you can get started right away. 
  2. To earn extra points, you must complete the K8S, Data, Networking, Serverless, and ML skill badges and submit them via this form
  3. Each badge you earn equals one extra point, so it’s definitely worth the effort to complete as many as you can with your team. 

Don’t miss out on this chance to gain an advantage before the G Hack even begins!

Practical Details

Are you ready to take on the G Hack? Here are the practical details. 

  • The event takes place on Wednesday, March 29th, 2023, from 17:30 until 23:00
  • 7 participating countries: Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden.
    • Belgium: Google Digital Atelier – Cantersteen 10, 1000 Brussels
    • Netherlands: Google Amsterdam – Claude Debussylaan 34, 1082 MD Amsterdam
    • France: Devoteam office – 73 Rue Anatole France, Levallois Perret
    • Germany: Google Office Berlin – Tucholskystraße 2, 10117 Berlin, Germany
    • Spain: Google Madrid – Torre Picasso, Plaza Pablo Ruiz Picasso, 1, 28020 Madrid
    • Sweden: Devoteam office – Klara Östra Kyrkogata 2b, 111 52 Stockholm
      ➤ The event in Stockholm is being organised with our friends from GDG Cloud Sweden
    • Portugal: 
    • 1. Devoteam Offices, Torre Fernão Magalhães, Avenida D. João II, nº 43, 9º. 1990-084 Lisboa
    • 2. Devoteam Offices, Av. dos Aliados 322-324 3º esquerdo, 4000-065 Porto
  • Each location is strategically selected to provide easy access and a comfortable environment to all participants. 

Throwback to last year’s G Hack

Will you Win the G Hack Race?

The G Hack is not just a chance to win a cash prize or enjoy free beer and pizza. It’s an opportunity to connect with fellow coders, collaborate with Google experts, and push your boundaries in the world of cloud computing. The challenges on offer are designed to test your skills and knowledge, but also to inspire you to think creatively and explore new avenues of problem-solving.

So don’t miss out on this epic event, register today, and get ready to unleash your full potential in the world of Google Cloud!