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The Devoteam G Cloud Day – A recap of this 1 day hybrid event 

Read a recap with highlights of the Devoteam G Cloud Day here.

On June 7th 2022, Devoteam G Cloud brought its second edition of the Devoteam G Cloud Day live with in-person events in 7 countries and people joining online from all over the globe. All in close collaboration with Google Cloud, our customers and partners. 

Did you miss it? Don’t worry, you can read a recap with highlights of this second edition below and watch all session recordings in this YouTube playlist.

Devoteam G Cloud Day in numbers

This 1-day conference gathered some of the finest cloud thought leaders. Experts, IT leaders and Googlers discussed their visions for both the present and the future of the cloud industry.

In the second edition of the Devoteam G Cloud Day, there were: 


50+ sessions & 100+ speakers


More than 1.350 registered people


7 in-person events organised with more than 10 countries broadcasting sessions

Discovering the next level of cloud 

Kick-off to the cloud

To kick-off the day the Global Director of Devoteam G Cloud, Valon Rexhepi, was joined by Google Cloud’s VP EMEA South Samuel Bonamigo, and Sébastien Chevrel, Group Managing Director at Devoteam. They affirmed both Devoteam and Google’s commitment to driving innovation and helping companies in their innovation journey while highlighting some of today’s challenges and numbers about the cloud.

All companies, big or small, are being tested in resilience and creativity to change their business model. The goal of the Devoteam G Cloud Day is to show what the cloud can mean for your business. It will help you to understand how you can leverage Google Cloud & Devoteam’s know-how to shift gears.

Despite the growth in cloud, still 70 to 80% of apps are not yet in the cloud and within big enterprise companies you only have 10 to 15% of the employees that are directly using the hyperscaler like Google Cloud. This means it’s still a reserved territory to the devops or architects.and that there are so many playgrounds that we need to continue to work on.

Impossible is Just a Word: How Big Innovation Starts with Small Habits

John Duke Logan showed us that it’s not about what you see, but about how you look at it. By blending education with entertainment, John used his background in magic to break down the psychology of how successful teams take a vision in their head become a reality, but more importantly, how to bring a sense of wonder, curiosity, and inspiration to the world — regardless of what you do for a living or what your life aspirations might be.

Keynote speaker John Duke Logan views magic not as a way to trick people, but as a way to teach others about how we can be fooled by our own subconscious decisions and biases when approaching innovation. He blends education with entertainment to consult Fortune 500 companies, small start-ups, and everything in between.

Watch the session here.

Cloud Topics discussed during the Devoteam G Cloud Day

Modernising IT infrastructure

In the session “Moving to the cloud: battle-tested journeys to Google Cloud“, Devoteam G Cloud experts and customer Melexis highlighted why and how you can move from a complex on-premise infrastructure to Google Cloud by telling the story of Melexis. Hear about their decision to become cloud-native and how they are moving their on-premise workloads, which included VMWare, Kubernetes and regular compute workloads towards Google Cloud.

Data & Analytics 

This year, a key topic for many of our customers is data & analytics. In the session “How to build a customer data platform on Google Cloud”, we went more in-depth on how to generate personalised content with a customer data platform on Google Cloud to increase customer satisfaction and revenue.  

In another session “Self-service analytics with Looker”, Reprise Digital, one of the world’s largest performance marketing networks, showed how they leveraged Looker to build a distributed marketing data platform on the cloud. This case study is especially inspiring for companies struggling to innovate and transform their business using data under the heavyweight of maintaining legacy BI platforms.  

AI & ML 

The session “How document AI can help you increase productivity”, explained how companies, like UnifiedPost Group can drastically  improve their productivity by turning unstructured data of documents into structured data. It demonstrated how Document AI can immediately capture the necessary data from invoices, expenses, contracts, lending documents etc. 

Next to AI, also Machine Learning can help you achieve business objectives. In this session you discover data + AI framework that can be introduced in ML projects in your organisation. The results: going to production in no-time, deploy battle tested models and monitor their performance, architecture your data pipelines in a way to take advantage of your latests updates. 

Digital Workplace: Collaboration & productivity 

And challenge for our customers is to attract and retain employees during this difficult war on talent. That’s why Proximus explained why and how they have implemented Lumapps, an intranet that creates a dynamic and personalised experience in the age of hybrid working. Another collaboration tool that can be a great asset to attract employees is Google Workspace. During the Day our customer RandstadGroup walked us through their entire Workspace Journey from the start until finish, sharing their challenges and how they have overcome them. Oh! And if Google Workspace still has secrets for you, it will definitely do no longer after the session “Everything you didn’t know about Google Workspace” that takes a deeper look at its features.


Throughout this day, some of the finest experts and thought leaders of the cloud industry shared their knowledge, and attendees left with plenty of insights. 

Of course, there were several other sessions about our solutions such as Google’s Zero trust solution Beyondcorp, Kubernetes, Cortex Framework or Apigee. All this content is available for free on-demand on this YouTube Playlist.

The 2nd edition of the Devoteam G Cloud Day proved to be a success. Stay tuned for the next edition or other for interesting events by subscribing to our newsletter. 

Do you have a question about Google Cloud, Google Workspace, Lumapps or any other technology? Then get in touch with our experts to schedule a demo or to explain to them the challenges you are facing.