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What’s new in Google Workspace? Updates from the first months of 2024.

Get ready to streamline your communication, collaboration, and administration with the newest Google Workspace features from the last few months! Here is your curated update by our Devoteam Google Workspace experts, an update that brings a wave of improvements designed to make your workday smoother and more efficient.

Communication is Key

  • Find relevant messages faster: Google Chat will now display Avatars next to unread threads in the conversation view. This will help you spot who sent the latest messages in your threads without needing to open them, helping you identify important messages faster.
  • Schedule like a pro: Google Calendar now allows for up to 20 co-hosts per appointment, appointment scheduling on secondary calendars, and expanded delegate access. Plus, the new “Check calendars for availability” function can check your availability on multiple calendars from different accounts, helping you find the perfect meeting time.
  • Brand your Gmail: Gmail’s layout feature allows you to design custom layouts for all your mails that match your company’s branding with logos, colours, fonts, and more. You can even share your creations with colleagues for a cohesive look.
  • Never miss an important link: Google Meet now lets you pin messages in the chat, ensuring everyone sees critical information like shared links.

Enhanced Collaboration

  • Search smarter, not harder: Refined search chip functionality in Google Drive lets you filter files across your entire drive with greater precision.
  • Share video highlights: Help your colleagues jump straight to the most important part of a video with Google Drive’s new time-stamped video sharing links.
  • Organise your feedback: Effortlessly manage and filter comments in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides with the new comment sorting and filtering options.
  • Record presentations with ease: The new presenter recording feature in Google Slides lets you seamlessly record yourself delivering your presentation directly within Google slides!
  • Put yourself in the picture: Captivate your audience with the Google Slides speaker spotlight feature, allowing you to embed your Google Meet video feed directly into your presentation. This provides a whole host of new creative possibilities for your remote presentations.

Admin Wins

  • Space Management Simplified: Admins rejoice! The Space Management Tool boasts a revamped user interface for easier navigation. Plus, you can now add multiple members and groups at once, review detailed space settings, and manage invited members.
  • Effortless Email Migration: A brand new feature allows admins to migrate email data between Google Workspace accounts.
  • Data Control at Your Fingertips: Admins now have the power to create local data storage exports, specifying the geographic location or locations to store your company’s data. access settings for your organisation’s data. Choose continuous or one-time exports for complete control.
  • Granular Audit Access: Expanded delegation options for the Audit and Investigation Tool allow you to restrict access levels to audit data based on the specific application.
  • Fine-tuned Group Management: Group admin roles can now be assigned for specific security or non-security groups, providing more granular control over group management.

These are just a few of the exciting updates available in Google Workspace this quarter. With these new features, you can work smarter, collaborate more effectively, and manage your organisation with greater ease. Stay tuned for even more innovations coming soon!