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Women in Tech Event Brussels Throwback [Vlog]

Empowering and inspiring Women in Tech: that was the goal of our very first Women in Tech event. Almost 100 women joined the event on 5th of June 2019 at Google Digital Atelier Brussels. They turned this Women in Tech event into a big success, together with some inspiring speaking sessions by successful women in tech Katia Battheu, Wendy Meyers, Sophie Decock & Sanne Vermeiren and an insightful Q & A led by moderator Laura Nys from Google. Watch the new vlog from Fourcast’s Change Manager Keren Castelli and relive the moment.


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In order of appearance:

  • Keren Rodrigues Castelli – Change Manager at Fourcast
  • Liesbeth Hermans – Marketing Manager at Fourcast
  • Jeremy Bonnevalle – Head of Digital Workplace at Fourcast
  • Wendy Meyers – Delivery Director at Datadobi
  • Sanne Vermeiren – Young ICT Lady 2019 
  • Laura Nys – Automation Lead at Google Belgium
  • Katia Battheu – Director Customer Service Center at Proximus
  • Sophie Decock – Sales Google Cloud BeLux 
Transcript of the Women in Tech 5/6/2019 Vlog

Keren: I thought that today I would just take you along the journey to our very first ever “Women in tech Event” organised by Fourcast. So I will be filming obviously a little bit of the event but I wanted to take you along backstage, showing you all the prep, the team, the office and all the efforts that we put into making this event work. So, I am just leaving a client right now, I just spent the day here and I am off to the office, to meet up with my colleagues. Let’s go!  

And off we go! 

Liesbeth: Hello, I am taking over this vlog, just for now. Because Keren is driving. As you can see. So Keren, how do you feel at this moment about the event? Because we are on our way to the Digital Atelier now. How are you feeling? 

Keren: I’m feeling pretty cool. A bit nervous, excited. I think that where I’m right now. You have been working so hard for this event. We have put so much, like our souls, minds and hearts into this. That I just want to see it come to life and being fulfilled. And sharing it with all the audience and speakers. So, let’s just say that I’m nervous and excited. What about you Liesbeth? 

Liesbeth: Well, I’m feeling the same. Also a bit stressed but excited. So let’s go. Let’s do it. 

Keren: I have here with me one of our speakers, Wendy Meyers. I have a little question for you. If there is one thing that you like the audience to remember, what would it be?

Wendy: Dare to jump. Dare to take a challenge and risk, even if it’s out of your comfort zone. That’s I would like them to remember.

Keren: Valuable advice. Thank you. 

Keren: Alright. Second speaker that I have here with me is Sanne Vermeiren. She is the young ICT lady of 2019. Congratulations. Same question to you, if there is one thing you would like the audience to remember?

Sanne: Actually there are two things they should remember from tonight. First of all, this is really the time that we should embrace ourselves and up-skill ourselves, and invest in our technical skills as well as our soft skills. Second is dare to speak out our ambition. Nobody knows what your dream path for your career is or profession. Nobody will help you, so you need to step up and speak out our ambitions. 

Keren: Lovely, well done. Thank you so much. Alright ladies remember that. Really remember. 

Keren: So we have Laura Nys here with us. Laura is gonna be moderating the Q & A section of our event. Laura what are your expectations?

Laura: So, I think we are going to hear from a few amazing and impressive ladies that work in tech business. They have rich experience and history that they will share with us. Tricks and tips that they know now but maybe didn’t know then. So we can all take advantage of the lessons learned. That’s pretty much it.

Keren: Really good message, awesome. Thank you Laura. 

Keren: Alright so Katia, thank you so much for sharing your story and experiences with us. If there is one thing that you want the audience to remember from what you shared, what would it be?

Katia: It was my quote, actually. Be yourself at all times and also dare to show some vulnerability. I think it’s the most important message.

Keren: Perfect, thank you so much. 

Keren: We have our fourth speaker here, Sophie. Sophie, if you would like your audience to remember one thing?

Sophie: Never stop learning. Never never stop learning. Never gets old. That’s how you know you don’t age.

Keren: How was the event?

Sophie: It was marvellous. Very inspiring, even for me, listening to everybody and I think we need to be more evolving into this. Empowering each other.

Keren: Thank you! Bye.

Thank you to all attendees and speakers for joining our event!

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