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Enter the digital age of the Cloud Worker with ultra fast, robust devices for your workforce,  easy device control & flexibility.

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Protect your Users and Secure your Endpoints! Learn How to Stay On Top of your Organisation’s Security  Learn about security with Chrome

Fast Chrome Devices
for maximum security 

Enable your employees to work faster in the Cloud with
fast, easy-to-use & easy to manage Chrome Devices. 

One device can be used for different kinds of use cases: everyday use for knowledge workers, digital signage, kiosk mode and video conferencing.

Why Chrome Devices  for your enterprise?


Simple Management

Manage & control your entire fleet of devices with a few clicks from a singe place: the Chrome Admin Console. This saves you tons of time, which you can spend on more valuable efforts. 


Pay a low price-per-device & get great quality in return. A Chrome device is much more affordable than traditional devices & workstations. You save even more costs on the deployment, management, security & maintenance.

Many Use Cases

Use the same device for different purposes and use cases. The most common ones are digital signage, kiosk, video conferencing & everyday use. Get endless flexibility with just a few clicks.

Easy To Use

The intuitive interface of Chromebooks makes it easy for your employees to navigate apps and connect with each other. This enables a fast deployment in your organisation.

Work Faster

Chrome devices start up in seconds and perform fast, even after years of usage. Add a long battery life and there's no more waiting for your computer to start working!

Extra Secure

End-to-end security to protect your organisation & user data. Control device access, force policies, remotely disable devices. Files are stored safely in the Cloud, so a lost computer no longer means lost work.

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Chrome OS Readiness Tool

Assess which Windows devices in your organisation are ready to switch to Chrome OS devices.

What does the tool do?

Provides insight into your workforce’s usage of apps

  • The tool identifies if your Windows devices can switch fully to Chrome OS or if they need VDI or Parallels Desktop support on Chrome OS
  • The Readiness Tool uses a verified Google database to determine if apps are compatible.

Customised to your business & workforce

  • Customise categories of applications as cloud-ready or not.
  • The tool deploys and saves results to Google Cloud Storage or shared drive by leveraging your preferred software management solution.

Easy to deploy, lightweight, and private

  • Deploy your Windows device fleets without affecting device performance.
  • All data stays private and can be stored where you designate.
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Expert Voices: IT Security with Chrome Enterprise

The Experts Voices series aims to bring professionals from around the world to share Chrome knowledge & discuss the latest security features. Discover secure IT endpoints, safe browsing & remote workforce empowerment in this Security Series with Chrome Enterprise experts

Interviews - Expert Voices Chrome Enterprise experts on security features


How can you empower your remote or distributed workforce to work together from anywhere, but in a safe way? In this Expert Voices series, several experts explain how you can enable a secure & connected workforce for your business, by choosing the right IT solutions to help you with that.

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Ebook: Reimagine your employee experience in a safe way with Chrome Enterprise 

In this e-book, we'll dive deeper on how Chrome Enterprise can empower your workforce. And importantly, to do so in a secure way. 

We’ll introduce all the security features of Chrome Enterprise and Chromebooks & why organisations opt for Chrome Enterprise.

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Ebook - Expert Voices - Reimagine your employee experience in a safe way with Chrome Enterprise
“Chromebooks are fast and cost-efficient devices, which allows stores to collaborate with HQ more efficiently, building on the advantages of Hangouts and Google Drive”

Louis Delhaize

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How we can help 

> Deploying your Chrome devices

Deploying Chrome devices includes the set-up, the configuration & the necessary change management activities - depending on the use case. 

> Best-Buy Chrome Devices for your organisation

Chrome devices come in different formats. Through our hardware partners we can offer you the device that best fits your needs.

> Chrome Enterprise Upgrade
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Or keep on reading to see how you can use Chrome Devices in your organisation.

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Connect your workforce & Increase productivity

Chromebooks makes everyday work easy for users and IT admins alike. They are designed to work with modern business apps, online and offline.

Use a Chromebook as a primary device to easily access all your web applications or even your virtualised apps through Citrix, VMware and Awingu.

Chrome devices are designed to be flexibly manageable. Easily configure the device for different user permissions and compliance, while keeping the easy user experience for your users.

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Acer 715 Chromebook

The perfect Windows 7 End of Life Alternative

Still running devices on Windows 7? 14th of January, Windows 7 goes end of life. Devices running on this OS are a serious security risk for your organisation.

Instead of making a costly upgrade to Windows 10, invest in easy-to-manage and easy-to-maintain, affordable devices that empower your Cloud workforce! 

See Windows 7 alternatives

Digital Signage

Drive sales or increase engagement by displaying dynamic content on monitors throughout your stores or offices.

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Chrome for kiosks

Display a single page application for your employees or customers. 

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Video Meetings

Turn every meeting room into a HD conference boardroom with Hangouts Meet Hardware.

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Hangouts Meet Hardware Chrome Video Meetings

Grab 'n Go

Keep your workforce productive with self-service Chromebooks

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Chrome Enterprise in the retail industry

Enhance your in-store shopping experience with Chrome Enterprise:

  • Digital signage
  • A better way to work
  • Digital processes
  • Info on the go
  • Easy access to apps
  • Assisted Selling
  • Give customers self-service options
Chrome Enterprise for Retail
Discover Chrome Enterprise for Retail

Chrome Enterprise in the Healthcare industry

Google Cloud for Healthcare (3)

Provide quality care with Chrome Enterprise

Improve your health care services by empowering your caregivers & patients by cloud-powering your healthcare workforce.

Discover how to enable your caregivers to work faster in the Cloud & the benefits of Chromebooks.

Discover Chrome Enterprise for Healthcare

"A large sports retailer customer has decided to convert hot leads into buying customers by displaying their webshop in the physical stores on Chromebooks in Kiosk mode. Now they can guide the customer through the buying procedure both on the webshop and in-store, and deliver the product(s) at home the next day" 

- Valon Rexhepi, Head of Business Development at Devoteam G Cloud Benelux

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