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Customer Success Stories

How we worked with our customers towards Google Cloud success.


Arvesta unlocks unlimited collaboration & communication by fully adopting Google Workspace

Arvesta has fully adopted Google Workspace by not only going for the communication tools such as Gmail and Google Calendar, but also fully adopted Google Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides to replace the file server environment. 

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Caretakers of Wit-Gele Kruis Limburg collaborate efficiently with Google Workspace & Shared Drives

Wit-Gele Kruis Limburg notice that the migration brought more clarity & flexibility to everyone. Giving the caretakers on the road the capability to access the necessary information to their job while being on the road, wherever they are, is a huge asset that makes their work easier & more valuable.

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Louis Delhaize uses Google Workspace to deliver food faster, from warehouse to shop display

Groceries supplier Louis Delhaize is using Google Workspace to create a faster, more efficient business. The Google Workspace apps are helping them to improve the working lives of staff throughout the company. If items from their 9,000 dry and 3,000 fresh food lines arrive damaged at their two warehouses, staff uses Meet on a Chromebook to provide visual proof to headquarters and inform the suppliers.

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Flemish political party sp.a uses Google Workspace & Drive to enable team work.

The classic way of working was a bottleneck to reach results fast. sp.a is now using Google Workspace to the fullest, both utilising it for collaboration and communication purposes. They are using Google Drive on a daily basis, which has given them the possibility to achieve results faster.

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Unifiedpost migrates VMs to Google Cloud

 Unifiedpost Group was able to migrate all their workloads into Google Cloud within the desired timeframe of 5 months.
Once live, they could immediately benefit from cost savings using sustained use discounts and committed use discounts, combined with VM scheduling.
They lowered the time spent by the IT team on daily management, so they have more time available to work on the next innovation.
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Teamleader Logo Cloud Identity GCP Customer story

Teamleader embraces sign-in simplicity for all its business apps with Google Cloud Identity

The company was looking for an alternative solution which would make user management even easier & the user experience even better. Teamleader is now using Google Cloud Identity (GCI) and it has heavily improved the user experience. End users can now simply login with their Google Account on all their business applications.

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Cera Care-1

Increasing collaboration & communication amid a pandemic thanks to Google Workspace

It was crucial for Cera Care that just acquired another company, to bring everyone onboard into their current Google Workspace environment. Devoteam G Cloud supported Cera Care in this transition with both technical activities and change management tasks. 

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bynder-logo-fourcast partner 

Improving security & maximising Google Workspace ROI for Bynder 

Devoteam G Cloud offered a high-level Google Workspace assessment for free. Together we looked at how Bynder could optimise, prepare, and monitor the security of their Google Workspace domain to reduce security risk as well as mitigate threats. Bynder is now now able to better manage confidential files and revoke access when needed.

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CHU St. Pierre

Improving hospital communication & collaboration with Gmail & Google Workspace

CHU St. Pierre needed a modern communication and collaboration solution to facilitate (remote) communication amongst its employees & with the other hospitals in the networkCHU St. Pierre chose to migrate to Google Workspace due to the breadth of tools it offers within one single platform. The goal at first was to migrate away from Lotus Notes and start with Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Meet & Chat.

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Collibra logo

Collibra enhances employee communication and productivity with the LumApps platform 

The company wanted to increase engagement amongst its workforce and improve employee communication, collaboration, and productivity throughout Collibra’s entire organisation. Since the implementation of LumApps, Collibra has confirmed that employees within the company are engaging with each other more & internal communications have become more efficient.

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The Good Care Group logo-3

The Good Care Group's care givers use Chromebooks and Google Workspace to help clients live at home

The Good Care Group is using Chromebooks and Google Workspace to help carers keep client medical records updated and to communicate more efficiently with care managers. They improved the ability of carers and care managers to see client information and maintain records. This technology is giving carers a lot more confidence in their jobs.

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multipharma-SAP Google Cloud Platform Customer Story

Biggest player on Belgian pharmacy market moves SAP workloads to Google Cloud 

Replacing their old back-end system from an old SAP to SAP HANA, pharmacy chain Multipharma wanted to move their SAP workloads from a private to public Cloud. Multipharma decided to choose for Google Cloud over Amazon and Azure. Multipharma moved all of their SAP HANA workloads to Google Cloud. 

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Randstad Group Belgium Logo

Randstad Group Belgium becomes data-driven with Google Cloud analytics & data warehouse

In the search for the best solution for this business need of modernising the data analytics strategy for Randstad Group Belgium, the Group identified Google Cloud as having all capabilities to solve the initial challenges and enable the desired goals. To answer all the business needs, a data framework was created to make it possible to automate a large number of processes.

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GEM One Logo

Devoteam G Cloud helps GEM One to build its future-proof digital business platform with Google Cloud

GEM One (TVH Holding) built a digital business & state-of-the-art IoT platform on Google Cloud, together with partner Devoteam G Cloud. Technologies implemented include a Cloud-native architecture, managed services & microservices, data and analytics & CI/CD on Google Cloud. First results indicate up to 20% in IT cost savings.

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carrefour logo

Carrefour’s virtual assistant Sommelier Benoit finds the best wine to go with your meal

Carrefour Belgium implemented a virtual wine advice assistant 'Sommelier Benoit' for its stores. A first version of the Sommelier Benoit voice bot was developed on Google Cloud with Dialogflow & the Google Assistant in just 3 weeks. This Virtual Wine assistant received 600 interactions within the first 10 days, enhancing the in-store experience for Carrefour Belgium customers.

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Froomle logo

Froomle gets the most out of Google Cloud with partner Devoteam G Cloud

Froomle uses Google Cloud as a strategic driver of innovation & backend infrastructure. Partner Devoteam G Cloud helps Froomle to get the most out of Google Cloud, bringing in customer success services & expertise. This results in peace of mind & Google Cloud projects beyond the Cloud infrastructure that Froomle uses for their platform development.

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Digital Signage for Europe dealerships to enhance customer experience

Toyota Motor Europe uses Chrome for signage in all their dealerships across Europe to enhance the digital customer experience. The signage displays videos about Toyota vehicles, customised according to the showroom area where the signs are located. So, if a system is installed in a showroom where hybrid cars are popular, the videos highlight hybrids.

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Ervia adopts Chromebooks to increase productivity & reduce IT maintenance.

Ervia is a commercial semi-state company that provides strategic national gas, water & dark fiber broadband infrastructure and services in Ireland. Employees of Ervia, as well as its subsidiaries Aurora Telecom, Gas Networks Ireland, and Irish Water, are now using Chromebooks with Chrome Enterprise license and Citrix to improve productivity and reduce IT maintenance. These Chromebooks gradually replace the Windows laptops of the company.

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Kydemy supports Dance Studios to overcome COVID 19 with Google Cloud

Dance studios, academies, and schools have been some of the highest affected businesses during the COVID crisis. Lockdown and social distancing do not mix with a business model founded on face-to-face interaction. This situation renders all these businesses redundant; unless they innovate and adapt to the new needs. Kydemy chose the Google Cloud Platform environment for its security, stability, and coverage for all their development needs. 

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Orange logo

Moving Orange to a Google-Friendly environment

Orange needs to migrate its infrastructure progressively to the cloud and use its data to improve the performance of the employees. Orange needed to deploy and maintain some Google Workspace developments which had to help in the automatization of day to day tasks like user registration, data processing, and extraction, lead collection… etc. We conducted several developments and Google Workspace integrations in order to increase the productivity. 

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Talend Academy

Talend: migration of the Talend Academy environments to the Google Cloud Platform

Talend Academy's flexible on-demand training projects were compromised by its previous VMs, which were too slow to start up and could not connect to customers in the APAC region. The result: frustrated users and lost revenue. To gain stability and speed up the startup time of its VMs, Talend decided to turn to the cloud and chose Google Cloud for its extensive global network.

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GRDF: an innovative way to identify chemicals with Cloud AutoML

The GRDF team in charge of digital innovation decided to find out how machine learning could help to meet a major challenge: guaranteeing the safety of the network by enabling technicians and pipeline engineers to precisely identify the chemicals they encounter. And it was Google Cloud Platform that provided the solution. With this in mind, GRDF partnered with Devoteam G Cloud to develop an application. 
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Lappart Fitness

Appart Fitness pushes its boundaries using Google Workspace and continues to expand

Following the acquisition, L'Appart Fitness knew they would need mobility and collaboration tools to maintain a good level of communication and collaboration. The Fitness Appart partnered with Devoteam G Cloud to train its employees to use Google Workspace in the best possible way.  The Appart Fitness helps to stay close to all employees in order to form a united group.
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Optimisation of Primagaz's maintenance rounds

Optimisation of facility maintenance technician travel, improved back office performance and end customer experience. As part of the improvement of mobility management, Google maps has been proposed to improve operations. The application is deployed on App Engine (GCP brick) for the web server part. The data is stored on SQL Cloud.

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Lafarge Holcim reinforces its security with Google Maps and Google Cloud Platform

The Security team had no tool that allowed them to reference all the sites and the important information associated with them (number of employees, presence of money on the site, date of last security visit, etc.). In order to have a global vision and more accurate reporting, they needed a single, central tool. Devoteam G Cloud was recommended as a  Google Maps partner to carry out the development of this application. Today the data is more secure thanks to user role management.

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AI and Swine Genetics; An Unlikely Pairing Made Possible with Google

Innovation doesn’t follow a straightforward blueprint. When technology lends itself to science, evolutionary ideas and paradigm shifts are inevitable. At Norsvin, the pursuit of innovation is achieved in swine genetics and cost-effective swine production.

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Deployment and implementation of a Google Workspace adoption process for ACOEM

ACOEM helps companies to limit their environmental impact. Growing rapidly, ACOEM, which today has nearly 700 employees worldwide, is innovating and transforming itself in order to maintain and intensify its agility. It's therefore natural that the company is positioning itself on Google Workspace. Our teams then guided ACOEM's employees in adopting Google Workspace to support the teams in the appropriation of the new digital workplace. 

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Automobile Club de l'Ouest (A.C.O.) outsources its infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform

The A.C.O. has organised the 24 Hours of Le Mans every year since 1923.  The A.C.O. was confronted with 2 major problems related to its infrastructure; We thus participated in the establishment of the infrastructure and the migration to Google Cloud Platform. We also set up good practices for the developers (ex: deployment of a new version in production). 

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Auchan Retail

Auchan Retail automates the management of its user groups with Google Cloud Platform

Today, Auchan Retail manages more than 263,000 employees on its Google Workspace platform. We have developed a web application to support the administrative teams in the management of Google Groups. This solution, developed on the Google Cloud Platform, integrates perfectly with Google Workspace and allows a simplified maintenance of Google Groups: groups are updated on the fly as soon as a user is created, deleted or updated.

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An online bank innovates with Google Cloud Platform

Our client is an online bank that wants to provide its customers with innovative and engaging services. We assisted our client in the design of the architecture and in the implementation, automation and adaptation of the use cases previously stated with Google Cloud Platform. Today the bank has a real-time view of fraud detection and can store data that facilitates business intelligence via third party analytical solutions.

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Food tray Recognition with Google Cloud Platform

Our client is one of the French leaders in corporate catering in France, with nearly one million meals cooked every day. One of the challenges was to improve the user experience in their restaurants by reducing the waiting time at the checkout. Using Google's Machine Learning, we assisted our client in the dissociation, recognition and automatic classification of the elements of each tray. Waiting time is significantly reduced and productivity increases.

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Restaurant locator with Google Maps

A large fast food chain called upon our services to improve and optimise its locator restaurant. We participated in the redesign of the iOS and Android mobile applications and the hosting of the applications on Google Cloud Platform. The big challenge of this project was to succeed in setting up a robust and scalable infrastructure, capable of absorbing a large amount of traffic, especially before lunch and dinner. Finally, we set up a real-time update system, with nearby restaurants, geolocation and opening hours. 

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Auchan Retail

The transformation of Auchan Retail with Google Workspace

As part of its Vision 2025, Auchan Retail wants to provide a strong digital identity to all its employees, transform the culture and boost the collaboration and ensure rapid adoption of Google Workspace. We deployed Google Workspace for 263,000 employees in 9 months in 14 countries. We also did a lot of change management. We  developed the communication plan for all countries through multiple media. 

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fm logistics

FM Logistic is moving towards mobility

FM Logistic is a French company recognised as an expert in logistics: warehousing, packaging, transport and supply. To facilitate the mobile work of managers, Devoteam G Cloud has developed a 100% responsive and intuitive application available with or without internet connection. Today, managers are informed in real time of warehouse activities. Managers are always connected & employees have the ability to work anywhere, anytime and with any device. 

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Connecting the Dots: Happy Socks Success Story

The IT team at Happy Socks reached out to Devoteam G Cloud to enlist their expertise in providing best practices for the use of Google Workspace collaboration tools. Users were experiencing issues with crossover functionalities between old and new software and required training for both admin and end-users within the company.Global retailer, Happy Socks, uses Google Workspace (before G Suite) to stay connected, collaborate more efficiently, and innovate faster across locations around the world.

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Modernise work on Neuroscience at the Nencki Institute of experimental biology pas 

The institute lacked of drive space for storing messages, experienced some difficulties in arranging meetings & regarding the collaboration between all the employees. Nencki Institute wanted a solution that would be straightforward and allowed extensive cooperation in editing documents so that scientists could focus on the medicine improvements instead of learning a new system. Devoteam G Cloud migrated 640 scientists & students to Google Workspace to cooperate without any restrictions.

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Hagfors Kommune Chooses Google Workspace

Hagfors Kommune wanted to improve collaboration and project management without surpassing the budget, resources. The project to implement Google Workspace for so many different departments and types of staff needed external support and a lot of change management.

The two crucial apps, email and calendar, used by the municipality’s staff were implemented and ready to use in half the standard time: six weeks.  

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If It's Not Broken, Why Fix It? Nemlig Chooses the Right Tool

Migrating successfully to the cloud is not a journey for the faint of heart. For the decision-makers at, this choice was not made lightly. What started as an initial adoption of Google Analytics by their marketing team soon blossomed into a complete structural shift towards the Google Cloud.

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Changing Health logo
Managed Services: Changing Health Supported by Devoteam for Their Google Cloud Journey

Changing Health needed a partner who could oversee, maintain and scale their architecture in Google Cloud. Devoteam G Cloud acts as a managed service provider for Changing Health, to advise on architecture and take steps to optimise their environment continuously.

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Reitan Convenience Sweden

Moving to the Cloud: Reitan Convenience Sweden’s Journey to Google Cloud with Devoteam

Reitan Convenience Sweden has been a Google Workspace customer of Devoteam G Cloud since 2011 to power better collaboration throughout their business. The goal of Reitan Convenience Sweden is to build applications, e.g. their mobile e-commerce app, public-facing portals and intranet, based on this master data API. They decided to move to the Google Cloud. 

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Tradera: Path to Modernisation with Devoteam G Cloud

Tradera’s data warehouse was on-premise.

The goal was to migrate to a scalable and serverless data warehouse. The solution? Data warehouse modernisation. Tradera decided to migrate to the cloud, so Tradera got in touch with Devoteam G Cloud in August of 2019 to assist in their legacy migration. Now Tradera runs most of their workloads in Google Cloud, using BigQuery to analyse their business. 

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HVZ Gives a Voice to all its Firefighters

HVZ wanted to boost the communication among employees by building a one-stop platform that simplifies and centralises access to HVZ news, procedures, colleagues, applications, ..... the ultimate goal was to increase engagement and have two-way communication instead of push communication.
Today HVZ’s users post 6x more content per month  compared to last year when HVZ was still using Sharepoint.
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