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Devoteam Wins Google Cloud Security Partner of the Year Award

Google Cloud

Madrid, 14 December 2023 – Devoteam is proud to announce that it won the Google Cloud Security Partner of the Year 2023 Award. The award recognises Google Cloud partner Devoteam’s proven track record of helping customers with Google Cloud security projects.

Leading technology consultancy firm Devoteam is thrilled to announce its recent award: Google Cloud Security Partner of the Year 2023. This recognition by Google Cloud emphasises Devoteam’s strong commitment to excellence in enhancing its customers’ security measures within the Google Cloud ecosystem.

We are proud to partner with Google Cloud to deliver cutting-edge security solutions and services to our clients, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration to help organisations protect their data and applications with confidence in the cloud

This award demonstrates Devoteam’s extensive experience and proficiency in collaborating with organisations to fortify their security posture on Google Cloud. As a Google Cloud Premier and Managed Services Partner for more than 13 years, Devoteam has proven to successfully navigate and implement cutting-edge cloud and security solutions tailored to meet the unique challenges faced by modern companies of all sizes and industries.

All of these efforts are focused on empowering key technology decision-makers to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of all of their assets.

Julien - Security Devoteam G Cloud

We are honoured to receive this award. It demonstrates our expertise and ambition in securing our customers’ cloud and digital workplace environments.

Devoteam’s expertise comprehends an extensive range of services, from risk assessment, identity and access management, and compliance management to the implementation of advanced threat detection mechanisms, focusing on Google Cloud Security solutions such as Mandiant, Chronicle, Security Command Center, BeyondCorp and VirusTotal. With a holistic approach, Devoteam ensures that companies all over EMEA and APAC meet industry standards and stay ahead of emerging cyber threats.

In addition, Google recently set up the Google Safety Engineering Center (GSEC) in Malaga, Spain. A high-tech cybersecurity centre aiming to show its dedication to tackling cyber threats and impulsing commitment to secure Google’s clients. At GSEC, Google will use AI and open source to rapidly develop and scale research and tools to combat increasingly sophisticated threats. Aligning perfectly with Devoteam’s strategy and commitment to keeping up to date with the security challenges faced by their clients.

This is a testament to the work we have been doing this year, and we are extremely proud to have received this award. Hopefully, this will lead to many more!

This award reaffirms Devoteam’s position as a trusted ally for IT leaders seeking to optimise their security posture in the dynamic and ever-evolving realm of cloud computing.

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