How to prevent, detect and remediate phishing attacks in Google Workspace, formerly G Suite

Everyone is well aware of the catastrophic impact a data breach can have on your business. Most of these breaches start with a simple email received by one of the users. And with the number and different tactics of phishing and malware attacks on the rise nowadays, security is and should be top of mind for most companies.

With constantly changing phishing tactics, these threats can be hard to detect. Google Workspace will provide your admins with the needed controls to protect their organisations. 

Companies need to constantly rethink ways of protecting their organisations. During this webinar we will explain to you how Google Workspace can help you to detect, prevent and remediate phishing attacks, securing your organisation for the future.

What will you learn in this webinar?

  • Understand Google Workspace ability to detect phishing attacks
  • How to investigate and take action on phishing attacks
  • Examine the reach of a phishing attack
  • Best practices to make your domain as secure as possible

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  • Overview of today’s environment
  • What are the key risks of phishing attacks?
  • How can you better protect your environment with Google Workspace?
  • Q&A 

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  • IT managers
  • CISO
  • CIO, CTO