Improving cyber security in your digital workplace with Google

The future of cyber security is Zero Trust & cloud based infrastructure. Learn how Google is setting the standard in Cyber Security with Google Workspace and its Zero Trust security offering: BeyondCorp.

In this on-demand video Google Cloud and Devoteam G Cloud‘s top experts discuss some of the most pressing issues organisations face in regards to Email security and data-loss prevention. You will also see the available tools in Google workspace in action and the best practices in their implementation. Finally you’ll learn about Google’s most advanced security offering BeyondCorp and see some examples of its implementation.

What you’ll learn during this video:

  • The potential impacts of data breaches, phishing and spam in any organisation
  • Best practices in using digital workplace security tools (with the example of Google Workspace):
    • Email protection parameters
    • Google Vault
    • Data leak protection
    • Data leak investigation tool
  • How Google’s BeyondCorp & zero trust security offer can help organisations with advanced security 


Demonstration of Google Workspace
BeyondCorp demonstration

For who? 

This event is best suited for managers and IT decision makers interested in learning how to best approach major cyber security risks for their organisation.