What’s changing in Google Cloud Support?

Heads up to all Google Cloud customers making use of Google Cloud support: Google is changing their support offering. Google Cloud customers have until May 31st 2022 to transition from role-based support to Google’s new ‘Customer Care Portfolio’. 

In this on-demand session with Google Cloud partner Devoteam G Cloud to get the ins and outs of what’s changing exactly for Google Cloud support as Google is definitively saying goodbye to the role-based support model.

Explore your options in the new support model and discover how a Google Cloud partner like Devoteam G Cloud can help you to make use of the most efficient support model for your organisation and more.

What you’ll learn in this video:

  • The changes Google Cloud is making in their support model 
  • The different support options available to you as a Google Cloud customer
  • The new Google Cloud support offer by Google Cloud Managed Services partner Devoteam G Cloud
  • What’s the added value of working with a Google Cloud partner?

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What is changing in Google Cloud support?
Introducing Devoteam G Cloud’s new support offer for Google Cloud customers
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