On-demand Webinar: Increase your Google Workspace, formerly G Suite ROI

How can Google Workspace help your organisation, apart from email & collaboration? Discover it in this on-demand Google Workspace webinar.

A lot of Google Workspace customers under utilise their Google Workspace environment. They use it for obvious reasons like email, Calendar and Contacts, sometimes also for collaboration purposes with Google Drive.

In this webinar, you’ll discover that the Google Workspace toolbox is much larger than that. It has video conferencing, Shared Drive, SSO, mobile device management, IAM and other capabilities which are under utilised. 

We see that a lot of the existing customers are using other SaaS tools to satisfy these needs. They don’t know that the Google Workspace subscription they already have, also includes these functionalities.

During this webinar we will talk about the most under utilised tools in Google Workspace and explain how you can start using them at your organisation. 

Using these tools will increase the ROI of your existing Google Workspace subscription.


  • Introduction 
  • The classic situation at a Google Workspace customer
  • Revealing how Google Workspace can help you with:
    • Video conferencing
    • Data Loss prevention
    • Vault
    • Shared Drives
    • SSO
    • IAM
    • (Mobile) device management
  • Demo of under utilised G Suite functionalities
  • Q&A

Join this webinar if you’re a…

  • IT manager
  • Security officer
  • IT Architect

and you want to get more out of your G Suite subscription!